For better performance and comfort of your heating

For better performance and comfort of your heating


In all heating systems with heat pumps, we highly recommend installing buffer tanks in your heating system. They enable a more stable system operation, increase the efficiency of the heat pump, offer better flexibility in heat use, and ensure greater comfort in heat energy supply.

Longer system lifespan

Buffer tanks have a number of advantages that improve the performance and comfort of your heating. One of the key advantages of buffer tanks is the reduction in the number of times the compressor is switched on.

Having a buffer tank allows the heat pump to operate longer, reducing the number of on-off cycles and consequently extending the lifespan of your heat pump. It also enables a consistent temperature of the heating water in your heating system, resulting in increased comfort throughout your spaces as the heating water temperature is evenly distributed across the system.

For air/water heat pumps, buffer tanks serve as a heat source for efficient defrosting of the evaporator. The tank’s thermal energy enables rapid and effective thawing of any frozen moisture on the evaporator, ensuring the smooth operation of your heat pump.


Our range of buffer tanks for heating systems offers you a selection of various sizes and capacities tailored to your needs. Crafted from high-quality materials, these tanks ensure durability and a long lifespan. Additionally, our tanks are designed for easy installation and maintenance.

If you seek efficient heating with a stable temperature of the heating water and aim to prolong the lifespan of your heat pump, our buffer tanks are the ideal choice. We guarantee top-notch quality and satisfaction for your heating system.