DHW tanks

DHW tanks

Different volumes for different needs

Having an adequate DHW e tank is crucial when it comes to heating sanitary water. It ensures a constant supply of hot water, regulates consumption fluctuations, increases energy efficiency, and allows the use of various heating sources. All these factors contribute to a more efficient and comfortable heating of sanitary water in households.

Greater energy efficiency

DHW tanks can optimise system performance, reduce heat pump loads and make better use of available energy.

Our range includes various DHW tanks designed for heat pump heating systems and other heating systems. Available in capacities ranging from 130 to 5000 liters, with adapted surfaces for heat exchangers.

All products are insulated with rigid PU insulation, 50 mm thick for volumes up to 500 liters. For DHW tanks exceeding 500 liters, we use a special soft insulation called ECO SKIN – 2, which provides 36% better insulation than standard soft insulation.

All KRONOTERM DHW tanks are classified in energy class C.

BO-WPS 304-TT_1

When it comes to heating domestic hot water, having an adequate DHW tank is crucial. We recommend selecting a tank with a volume of 300 liters or more. It’s also important that the tank has a sufficiently large tube heat exchanger, measuring 2.5 m2 or more (or 0.23 m2 per kilowatt of the heat pump’s heating capacity). This allows the heat pump to transfer all its power to the domestic hot water and heat it to a sufficiently high temperature.

If you are using a heat pump system, we particularly recommend our HRS type hot water storage tanks, but we also have larger volume tanks available to suit various needs.