Mr. Rad, known for his thoughtful approach to decision-making, decided to replace his old pellet heating system. He spent two years thoroughly researching the market, comparing prices and the quality of various heat pumps. Due to the harsh winters and the need for reliable performance at low temperatures, he chose a KRONOTERM heat pump.
ADAPT Idrija

Basic data

Building type: family house

Location: Idrija, Slovenia 

Heat pump: ADAPT 

Heat Source: air-water

Mr. Rad is renowned for his careful decision-making approach. For every significant investment, he meticulously considers all options. When he began contemplating replacing the old pellet heating system, he dedicated two years to researching the market, comparing prices, and the quality of different heat pumps. 

From Pellets to Heat Pump

Rad’s two-story house in a pre-Alpine village, measuring approximately 220 square meters, is home to seven family members. Until 2020, they used pellet heating, which required a lot of work and time. Due to age and physical limitations, he started looking for a simpler solution. 


Mr. Rad, always thinking long-term, sought a simpler and more efficient heating solution. An ADAPT heat pump proved to be the best choice. 

Cold Winters Were an Added Challenge

Idrija is a pre-Alpine village, known for harsh winters, where temperatures often drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Most heat pumps on the market do not ensure reliable operation at such low temperatures. However, KRONOTERM was one of the few providers that guaranteed flawless operation even on the coldest days. This was a key advantage that convinced Mr. Rad. 

ADAPT Idrija

A Careful Decision

Mr. Rad visited numerous fairs and examined various domestic and foreign products. KRONOTERM impressed him with its exceptional responsiveness and willingness to answer all his questions. Our customer support was crucial in his decision, as we provide immediate service in case of problems. 

Overcoming Family Concerns

Before installing the heat pump, Mr. Rad had to convince his family. The biggest concerns arose due to the planned placement of the pump under the bedroom windows, but today, thanks to choosing one of the quietest heat pumps in Europe, his wife and son continue to enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

ADAPT Idrija

One-Day Installation of the Heat Pump

The installation of the heat pump was quick and professional, completed in one working day. Mr. Rad was impressed with the entire process and the efficiency of the team. 

Significant Savings

Mr. Rad and his family are very satisfied with the annual savings from switching to a heat pump. Previously, he used about five tons of pellets annually, costing him 1350 euros. This year, he expects heating costs to be reduced to 800 to 900 euros. In addition to the savings, he is also impressed with the pump’s performance at low temperatures. 


Follow in Mr. Rad’s footsteps and ensure the warmth and efficiency of your home with a KRONOTERM heat pump. Contact us here

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