Efficient solution for larger buildings

Efficient solution
for larger buildings

Commercial heat pump WPL, AIR/WATER

Commercial heat pump for multi-apartment, commercial or industrial buildings of all sizes. It is extremely efficient and offers significant savings.

Commercial heat pump WPL, AIR/WATER
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It is available as a standalone version that connects with a water link to an existing or new heating system (hot water tank/storage tank).

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Every investor, company, or individual aims to reduce operating costs. With an efficient heat pump like WPL, the investment can be recovered in a very short period.

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The device allows a cascading solution, meaning that in case of a need for higher capacities (even up to 2 MW), multiple heat pumps can be interconnected. It can also be linked with numerous other systems and industrial devices.

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The device has a compact exterior and a robust, weather-resistant housing that takes up little space. Only the control and management unit is located in the building.



Multi-apartment buildings
Multi-apartment buildings

If you live in a multi-apartment building and want to reduce heating costs for all users, a commercial air/water heat pump like the WPL is an excellent solution. It enables lower heating bills and peace of mind all year round.

Commercial buildings
Commercial buildings

If you aim to reduce heating costs for your commercial building or are planning a new structure while considering a heating system aligned with sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint, we recommend an efficient and eco-friendly heating system. Such a system allows for a quick return on investment, sometimes within a year.

Industrial facilities
Industrial facilities

Large industrial plants have substantial heating needs, and many industries generate waste heat during their processes. With a well-designed system, it’s possible to harness this waste heat efficiently for heating, cooling, and producing hot water.

Educational institutions and other public buildings
Educational institutions and other public buildings

Public buildings need to have reliable, good quality heating that ensures the right room temperature throughout the year.

Multi-apartment buildings
Commercial buildings
Industrial facilities
Educational institutions and other public buildings

Simplicity, practicality and carefree warmth all year round.

Long durability and high efficiency allow low heating costs and a fast return on investment.

Harnessing the surrounding air

The WPL heat pump is designed for high-temperature (radiator or convector) or low-temperature (floor or wall) heating or cooling of buildings. It enables harnessing the primary free source of surrounding air.

Harnessing the surrounding air
Many features

Many features

Significant savings are enabled by an efficient scroll compressor and a self-adaptive controller that effectively manages the heat pump and the heating system TERMOTRONIC 3000 or TERMOTRONIC 3003 in multiple heating circuits. The controller allows for managing heating with an alternative heat source, active cooling with the device, pool heating, hot water preparation with the device and/or with an inline electric heater, and/or with an external additional source.

Remote control and diagnosis

Remote management through the CLOUD.KRONOTERM application is integrated as standard, enabling control and monitoring even during weekends and when there are no people present in commercial or industrial spaces. It also allows for efficient remote servicing, contributing to the smooth operation of industrial machinery and work processes. This leads to even greater savings as, in many cases, there is no need for on-site servicing.

Remote control and diagnosis
System OptiWeather

System OptiWeather

Heat pumps come with the OptiWeather system for weather-driven heating, enabling the heat pump to automatically adjust operations based on current external or internal temperatures and harness solar heat, thereby maintaining energy consumption at a minimum level. Consequently, your savings are higher.

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kW heating power
maximum heating power
rate of seasonal energy efficiency
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kW cooling power
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