How will the heat pump look in your home?

How will the heat pump look in your home?


Would you like to see how a heat pump will fit into your home? With our free AR app, you can now virtually experience how a heat pump adapts to your home!

How will the heat pump look in my home? Do we have enough space? Which colour version will go best with the architecture of our house?

We believe you might have had similar questions before. With our assistance, you can look into the future as we’ve developed a simple way to install a heat pump in your home for free. The setup, appearance, and size of the heat pump in your home can be easily previewed using our KRONOTERM AR app, utilizing augmented reality technology.

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Download our free app

You can download the KRONOTERM AR app on your mobile device or tablet. The mandatory requirement for the app to function is a camera. You can get the free app from mobile app stores.

How can you install a heat pump in your home by yourself?

What is an AR app and what does it enable you to do?

AR stands for Augmented Reality. The KRONOTERM AR app uses the camera on your mobile device to allow you to view virtual elements in the real environment. In simpler terms, the app shows a real-time image of the heat pump in your space as if it were actually placed there. The AR app simplifies the placement of both indoor and outdoor units of our heat pumps in any space within your home. With this app, your decision about the chosen device will be even easier and quicker!

Where can you access the KRONOTERM AR app?

Search for the KRONOTERM app “KRONOTERM AR” in the Android “Play Store”, the Apple “App Store” and the Huawei “AppGallery” and download it to your mobile device. The app is available free of charge and can be used anywhere, anytime.

How do you use the KRONOTERM AR app?

Open the KRONOTERM AR app and explore all the features it offers. By clicking on each unit of the heat pump, you can read basic information about the outdoor or indoor unit. Clicking on ‘TRY IN SPACE’ will take you to the main function of the app, where you can try out the appearance of the heat pump in your desired environment. At this stage, using the camera is mandatory, so you need to allow the app access to use your camera. Follow the instructions on the screen, paying particular attention to the instructions for establishing ‘balance.’ This means physically moving your mobile device in the direction indicated on the screen—rotate it and then move it left and right. Enjoy using the app from the comfort of your armchair.

What does the KRONOTERM AR app need to work effectively?

System that supports AR usage

Your mobile device needs to support AR (Augmented Reality). Typically, these are higher-quality and more modern devices not older than two years. If you can’t find the KRONOTERM AR app in the app store, unfortunately, it means that your mobile device does not support the app. The brand of the device is not crucial, as our application is created for users of iOS, Android, and Huawei operating systems.



The camera on your mobile device is crucial for the app to function. We believe this won’t be an issue as most mobile devices nowadays come equipped with a built-in camera.