Designed forcomfort that lasts.

Designed for
comfort that lasts.


Geothermal heat pump ETERA is a modular, highly efficient, minimalist and environmentally friendly heat pump with an extremely long life span.

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ETERA is synonymous with longevity and carefree living – it can have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Longevity is also an ecological advantage, as it helps to reduce the frequency of replacing the entire installation and, consequently, the use of scarce materials.

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The heat pump is characterised by its modular system design and standardised connections, which makes the installation and maintenance of the heat pump easier and faster, while at the same time making it easy to upgrade and modernise the components.

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The almost inaudible indoor unit of the ETERA system is designed to take up minimal floor space. All its elements are placed in a compact indoor unit that occupies 0.5 m2. Its extremely quiet operation will make you easily forget that it is in the same room as you.

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It can save up to 80% on heating costs. In addition to heating, it cools your home comfortably in summer and ensures that you always have enough hot water.

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3 heat sources


Groundwater pumped and returned to the aquifer from boreholes next to the building is a very suitable heat source for the heat pump, due to its constant temperature of between 7 and 12°C. A water permit must be obtained for pumping groundwater and the water must be chemically analysed before work begins.

BRINE/WATER (vertical ground collector)
BRINE/WATER (vertical ground collector)

Brine/water heat pumps harness the heat energy stored in rocks or soil. The energy is extracted from the ground through a pipe system that is inserted into deeper boreholes. A vertical ground collector requires a smaller plot of land compared to a ground collector. A vertical ground collector involves drilling deep boreholes into the ground, usually to a depth of between 60 and 200 m, depending on the climatic conditions and the needs of the heating system.

BRINE/WATER (horizontal ground collector)
BRINE/WATER (horizontal ground collector)

A horizontal ground collector takes advantage of the naturally stable ground temperature, which is slightly higher than the surface air temperature in winter and lower in summer. It consists of pipes buried horizontally in the ground, which absorb heat in winter and radiate it in summer. The installation of a horizontal ground collector requires a large enough plot of land to allow the pipes to be buried properly and to achieve sufficient system efficiency. For each square metre of heated building area, approximately 1,5 to 2 m2 of land is recommended for the installation of the collector.

BRINE/WATER (vertical ground collector)
BRINE/WATER (horizontal ground collector)
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A heat pump that will serve you for many decades.

Best in Europe

The ETERA heat pump has become the number one seasonal efficiency heat pump in Europe, outperforming its competitors by a staggering 30%. Its seasonal efficiency when using groundwater is an incredible 8.48 (condition: low temperature heating regime in an cold climates. This revolutionary device combines cutting-edge technology, longevity and outstanding efficiency. Read more.

Best in Europe
Versatile usability throughout the year

Versatile usability throughout the year

The ETERA heat pump is suitable for those with a new build or undergoing renovations in an older building. It is designed for radiator, floor, or convector heating, and also for cooling purposes. It ensures comfortable living and warmth during winter by heating spaces, provides pleasant cooling in summer, and delivers a consistently sufficient supply of hot water throughout the year.

Non-intrusive and space-saving

Where to place the heat pump in the house? Who would give up already limited space in the utility room? With increasingly rational construction and space layout, efficient space utilization and appearance are crucial. Hence, we’ve responded to the challenges of space utilization and developed a modular heating system with a geothermal heat pump that consolidates the entire utility room into a sleek enclosure, occupying less than 1 m². The ETERA system is designed to cover all household needs within the smallest area possible.

 Non-intrusive and space-saving
You can control it even from the office

You can control it even from the office

The device allows smart management of the entire system through the mobile or web application, CLOUD.KRONOTERM, from your home, office, or during holidays. Remotely, you can set various heating and cooling schedules or manage hot water, check operational statistics, and optimize consumption. Additionally, the connection enables remote diagnostics. The web connection module is built-in as standard in all heat pumps.

System OptiWeather

Heat pumps come with the OptiWeather system for weather-driven heating, enabling the heat pump to automatically adjust operations based on current external or internal temperatures and harness solar heat, thereby maintaining energy consumption at a minimum level. Consequently, your savings are higher.

System OptiWeather
seasonal capacity (SCOP)
Condition: low-temperature heating regime in an cold climates
kW heating power
depending on ETERA model S, M or L
dB noise level
Noise level at a distance of 1 m
rate of seasonal energy efficiency
m2 space occupancy
floor area of the heat pump
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System ETERA

ETERA-C represents a cutting-edge solution tailored for buildings with substantial energy requirements. It facilitates the cascading installation of geothermal heat pumps, ensuring seamless integration. With its straightforward modular setup and adaptable power scaling, coupled with impeccable aesthetics, ETERA C maintains peak energy efficiency effortlessly.
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