With the KRONOTERM heat pump, you can save up to 80% on heating costs. It is a clean and environmentally friendly solution with a long lifespan that requires minimal maintenance.
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A heat pump can be used for heating our homes and/or preparing hot sanitary water. The advantage of a heat pump is that the majority (2/3 or more) of the required heat is extracted from the environment (from the air, groundwater, or soil) and, with the help of a compressor, raises its temperature to a level suitable for heating. There are three types of heat pump systems based on the energy source: air/water, water/water, and ground/water. For example, the label air/water means that the heat pump extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the heating medium, which is water. If we have a water/water or ground/water heat pump system, it can also be used for cooling in underfloor or wall heating.


The main characteristic of a heat pump is the Coefficient of Performance (COP), which is the ratio of the heat obtained to the electrical energy consumed. The annual COP typically ranges between 3 and 5, but KRONOTERM heat pumps achieve an annual COP even above 8. If the COP value is 4, it means that, for example, the heat pump consumes only 25 kWh of electrical energy for obtaining 100 kWh of heat, with the remaining 75 kWh taken from the environment. The COP depends on the type of heat pump and the heat source from the environment.

Low energy consumption is also associated with energy costs, which are 60 to 80% lower for heating compared to other fuels. The cost reduction depends on the type of heat pump, the heat source from the environment, and the type of fuel that would otherwise be used.

Heating with a heat pump is reliable, as electrical energy is the only fuel that is almost entirely produced in Slovenia. With a heat pump, there is no need to worry about fuel supply, no need for a tank or space for fuel storage, and no need for a chimney, etc. Maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Although the investment in a heat pump system is higher, it pays off in 5 to 7 years due to lower operating costs, after which only the cost of electricity consumption remains, which is significantly lower than the cost of heating oil or natural gas. In addition, using a heat pump also reduces negative environmental impacts.

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