ETERA-C is a new solution for buildings with high energy needs, allowing the cascade installation of geothermal heat pumps. The simple modular installation and flexible power boost, together with aesthetic integrity, maintains the highest possible energy efficiency.

Large energy consumers are now compatible with the highest efficiency in Europe. A seemingly difficult task has become as simple as assembling building blocks through cascade installation.


ETERA-C is a new, highly efficient solution for larger buildings and consumers who want simple, sustainable and cost-effective heating, cooling and domestic hot water. It is modular, allowing up to 4 units to be connected, depending on the requirements of the project, increasing the available power by a factor of 4.


ETERA-C is a modular system that is ready for easy and quick installation, as all elements needed for a seamless installation and aesthetic perfection are available. Modules already containing all the necessary components are connected at the installation site, which also facilitates transport to the site. The final installation is simply dressed in the appropriate side panels.


By assembling the modules, it is possible to control up to 4 heating circuits and to control additional heaters such as electric heaters, boilers fired by fuel oil, natural gas or pellets.


Cascade installation preserves all the outstanding features of the ETERA heat pumps: long life, outstanding efficiency, quiet operation and ease of use.


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