This December is festive, cheerful, and somewhat star-studded for us. Our geothermal heat pump was one of the main stars on a television show about architecture and interior design.

In one of the recent episodes of this year’s popular Slovenian television show, we presented our geothermal heat pump WPG. The presentation took place in a modern single-family house in a small village, not far from our company. The owners are extremely satisfied with our geothermal heat pump WPG.

In winter, the heat pump heats the spaces through underfloor heating and provides warm sanitary water, while in summer, it cools the house. The monthly costs for heating and electricity are even lower than when they lived in an apartment. They are most pleased with the remote control feature (Cloud.KRONOTERM) and the fact that we are close and always available if needed. “For me, it was most important that they are nearby to provide service. In this modern age, we can control everything through a mobile app, and they are always here when we need them,” said the owner enthusiastically.


Owners Blaž and Veronika shared their experiences with our heat pump with host Romih, and our expert Dr. Dean Besednjak explained more about geothermal heat pump and the geosonde insertion system. “The Earth itself represents a large heat reservoir coming from the sun, and we can harness this heat from the earth 365 days a year. We must know that the temperature profile in the earth is such that below a depth of 8 meters, the temperature is constant, allowing the utilization of heat throughout the year under the same conditions,” he explained, noting that geosonde installation requires a geothermal borehole. “The double closed U-pipe allows water circulation between the earth and the heat pump. By circulating through the earth, it extracts heat from the earth and transfers it to the heat pump. The heat pump then takes care of the second part of the task, raising the temperature to a usable level,” explained Dr. Besednjak.


KRONOTERM geothermal heat pumps (GEOS) offer the option of utilizing groundwater or the earth (geosonde or earth corrector). During operation, GEOS emits no emissions, consumes renewable energy, making it a green choice for a better tomorrow. The indoor units are small and occupy less than 1 m2 of space, which is particularly practical for houses without a dedicated boiler room. It boasts exceptionally quiet operation, has an efficient Scroll compressor, and comes with a built-in WEB module for remote control.


Operational costs with the GEOS heat pump contribute to up to an 80% saving on heating compared to other heating systems. Despite extremely low heating costs, all rooms in your house will be pleasantly warm. By choosing an integrated boiler, the heat pump will also provide hot water. Innovative on-demand water heating ensures that a 200-liter hot water tank provides up to 250 liters of usable hot water.


Get in touch with us if you also want lower heating costs and an efficient heat pump.

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