In KRONOTERM, we manufacture heat pumps and offer solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling. We recently introduced the innovative geothermal heat pump ETERA, which has ranked first in seasonal efficiency in Europe* and outperforms its competitive heat pumps by a staggering almost 30% (in seasonal efficiency). This revolutionary device combines cutting-edge technology, longevity, and exceptional efficiency.

We have a rich history dating back to 1976 when we began developing heat pumps for heating domestic water. Adapting to trends and market needs over time, in 1998, we ventured into the unknown field of space heating with geothermal heat pumps. They proved to be a solution that delivered high efficiency, competing effectively with other heating alternatives (such as heating oil, fossil fuels, etc.).

Wondering what a geothermal heat pump is? A geothermal heat pump is a device that utilizes heat stored in the earth or groundwater for heating and cooling a building. It operates similarly to a conventional heat pump but harnesses thermal energy from the earth (via vertical or horizontal ground collectors) or from groundwater (via wells), rather than from the air.


Development is one of the key values of the company KRONOTERM. We constantly strive to use the latest technologies, sustainable solutions, and, above all, to develop heating solutions that provide the highest comfort. This is also the reason why we decided to develop a new, revolutionary generation of geothermal heat pumps – ETERA. ETERA is designed to set new standards in the field of geothermal heat pumps and offers users top-notch comfort, energy efficiency, and a reduction in environmental impact.


»Similar to our highly successful families of heat pumps, known for their adaptability and flexibility in all aspects, in the research and development of the 4th generation of geothermal heat pumps, we identified and incorporated longevity as a key feature. We recognized longevity as a strong argument for investors to choose a more comfortable, economical,, and reliable solution, even though it may appear more demanding in terms of initial investment.«

– director Bogdan Kronovšek



The name was not chosen randomly, as it symbolizes the key features of the new generation of heat pumps. ETERA combines two important words: ETERNAL, symbolizing eternity/longevity, and TERA, meaning earth as an immeasurable, warm, constant, and reliable source of heat. The innovative heat pump ETERA is designed to provide sustainable, comfortable, and reliable heating and cooling of buildings, bringing numerous advantages that KRONOTERM developers continually refine. It is designed for a long lifespan; its modular design allows for easy upgrades, maintenance, and part replacement, ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation for decades.

The heat source system ETERA becomes an integral part of the building, enhancing its overall value. The installation of the ETERA system increases the attractiveness of the property in the market, as more and more buyers are interested in energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. Investors and buyers appreciate the low operating costs, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, and sustainable and environmentally friendly heating solutions.


ETERA is ready for the future. With its high technological sophistication and exceptional efficiency, it sets new standards in sustainable heating and cooling. Its seasonal efficiency when using groundwater reaches an incredible 8.48** (condition: low-temperature heating mode in average climatic conditions). This means that for 1 kWh of electricity invested, you get as much as 8.48 kWh of useful heat. Such high efficiency is currently unmatched by any similar device on the market, surpassing others in its category by almost an incredible 30%. The ETERA system ensures stable operation, reduces the impact of fluctuations in energy prices, and helps maintain the stability and sustainability of electrical networks in the future.


The heating system ETERA is the right choice for those seeking sustainable solutions, high efficiency, reliability, and comfort in their property. This advanced geothermal heat pump represents a breakthrough in technological evolution that will significantly contribute to a sustainable future. Whether it’s a private residential house, a larger building, or any other structure, ETERA is the solution that will meet expectations, exceed existing standards, and, due to its longevity, warm the next generations.

  • ETERA is seasonally most efficient in its category of heat pumps in Europe: under conditions of brine/water and water/water, for cold climatic areas and in low-temperature mode. The measurement is confirmed by the independent institution TÜV Reinland.

** Efficiency when using the ground as a heat source under the same conditions is 6.22.


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