How did the ETERA geothermal heat pump become the most efficient in Europe, while boasting a long service life and being so quiet you won't even notice it?

Longevity, superior efficiency and virtually silent operation – these are the key features of the ETERA geothermal heat pump, which has been ranked number one in Europe in terms of efficiency.


It achieves outstanding results thanks to its modular design, which means that the heat pump is made up of several modules to facilitate further inspections and interventions. We will continue to develop standard components – all modules will have standard dimensions so that they can be replaced or upgraded in the heat pumps. This helps extend the heat pump’s lifetime.


Designed To Deliver Incredible Efficiency

The ETERA geothermal heat pump achieves an incredible efficiency of 8.48 SCOP in water-to-water mode, making it the number one heat pump in Europe. We have left nothing to chance in achieving this heating performance.


The compressor drive is refrigerant-cooled, utilizing the waste heat generated by the electronics. The result is even better efficiency and operation of the electronics within the desired temperature range.


The heat pump also includes a HYDRO-B module with a stainless steel hot water tank that is 30 kg lighter than its predecessor. The module is thermally insulated with graphite thermal insulation, which reduces heat loss by up to 28%.


So Quiet You Won’t Even Know It’s There

ETERA is very quiet when running and you won’t even hear it – it’s only 30dB at one meter away and only 28dB when running in silent mode.


The compressor is anti-vibration mounted with fatigue damping, which greatly reduces vibration transmission. The sound insulation of the housing is very good due to the multi-layer soundproofing. This means that the pump is almost completely silent when running.


ETERA is available in the following models:


  • ETERA S – 9kW
  • ETERA M – 12 kW
  • ETERA L – 18 kW

ETERA – #1 geothermal heat pump in Europe!

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