KRONOTERM heat pumps with a Corten exterior become a sophisticated architectural element with a sustainable touch. Discover this unique material that leaves a prestigious mark in architecture.
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Corten, also known as weathering steel, is a special type of steel designed to form a protective patina on its surface when exposed to weather conditions. This patina has a distinctive rusted appearance that becomes more pronounced over time, creating a unique, rustic look.


Due to its aesthetic appeal and high durability, Corten has become an extremely popular material in architecture, landscape design, and art. Its unique texture and raw appearance, combined with its sustainability, make it a preferred choice for building facades, bridges, sculptures, and other outdoor structures.


Why did we choose Corten for designing our heat pumps?


A Sustainable, Maintenance-Free Solution

Corten forms an oxide layer, or patina, when exposed to air. This creates an impermeable protective layer that fully develops naturally over one and a half to three years. Besides its unique appearance, the key advantage of this patina is its excellent corrosion resistance. The oxidation process can be accelerated by artificially alternating wet and dry periods. Therefore, Corten does not require coating or any other maintenance. On the contrary, its rust is desirable as it forms a protective patina that slows further corrosion, extending its lifespan by 4 to 8 times compared to untreated steel.


From Steel to Art

Initially, Corten is metallic in color without patina and only starts to corrode when naturally exposed to weather conditions. The patina formation begins with its first contact with moisture, and the process can be accelerated by daily wetting of the surface, preferably by spraying. This weaves unique textures and patterns, shaped by the ever-changing seasons.


During the patina formation, rust traces may form under the Corten elements. This can be avoided by protecting the ground and surfaces where water drains from the element.


A Heat Pump as a Sophisticated Architectural Element?

At KRONOTERM, we have collaborated with a design studio to develop a heat pump that blends seamlessly with architectural surroundings, turning it into a decorative feature. The exteriors of the ADAPT and VERSI heat pumps are clad in Corten, inspired by modern urban elements with a sustainable touch.


Learn more about heat pumps with Corten housing or choose from five other colors. Contact us here.

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