Due to increased hot water usage and high electricity costs, Pizzeria pr' Krištof decided to replace their conventional water heater with an energy-efficient SMAX sanitary heat pump. This change has drastically reduced their electricity expenses.
Pizzerija Pr Krištof

Pizzeria pr’ Krištof, renowned for its long-standing tradition, cozy atmosphere, and welcoming ambiance, has faced challenges due to increased hot water consumption. The growing number of customers led to frequent hot water shortages in the kitchen and high electricity bills from using a conventional water heater. Annually, they needed to heat over 480,000 liters of water, which cost them nearly 5,000 euros in 2018. To address this issue and enhance their operations, they replaced their inefficient water heater with the energy-saving SMAX sanitary heat pump. 

A Pizzeria with a Rich History

Located on a busy route to the coast, Pizzeria pr’ Krištof boasts a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. It became particularly famous before World War II, serving travellers and transporters. 

Achieving Fourfold Reduction in Energy Costs with the SMAX Heat Pump

Faced with high costs and hot water shortages, the pizzeria opted for the efficient 450-liter SMAX sanitary heat pump. The owner, Mr. Janez Končan, reports that they are extremely satisfied with the new system. The electricity costs have dropped by approximately four times, and they now have a consistent supply of hot water, which never runs out. 

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Additional Cost Optimization with Online Management

Further cost optimization is achieved through online management of the heat pump and scheduling, tailored to the varying customer visits throughout the week, which impacts hot water consumption. These measures have allowed Pizzeria pr’ Krištof to achieve significant savings and improve the quality of their services. 


If you are also facing challenges in ensuring a sufficient supply of hot water, contact us here for customized solutions. 

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