A low-energy house in idyllic part of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is an excellent example of sustainable architecture, combining beauty, practicality, and energy efficiency. The VERSI-O heat pump plays a crucial role in this setup, providing optimal energy supply for comfortable and environmentally friendly living.

An architecturally sophisticated villa in an idyllic part of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, exemplifies highly efficient, low-energy construction. The VERSI-O heat pump, a vital feature of this modern home, ensures optimal energy supply while seamlessly blending high quality, elegant design, and effortless comfort. 

Dynamic Space Layout

The villa spans nearly 160 square meters and is designed with flexibility and functionality in mind. The architecture meets the client’s desire for a strict separation between work and leisure. The owner’s living area is situated on the upper floor, offering stunning views and a large terrace that seamlessly connects the indoor spaces with the surrounding greenery. The ground floor houses a smaller apartment, while two parking spaces and an outdoor bicycle storage area are located beneath the upper part of the house. 

Fotografija: Marles

VERSI-O: The Heart of Energy Efficiency

The VERSI-O air-to-water heat pump is a key element in the villa’s energy efficiency. With innovative technology, it provides high-efficiency heating and cooling. Its sleek design and dark color blend seamlessly with the modern architectural elements of the house. 

Ekofluid - VERSI-O-3

The Perfect Match: VERSI and Low-Energy Houses

The VERSI heat pump is specifically designed for buildings with low energy requirements and limited space. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it suitable for installation in various locations, such as the attic, basement, balcony, laundry room, or a niche. The monolithic design and advanced technology allow it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, while the NMS™ system ensures quiet operation. Additionally, the OptiWeather system adjusts performance based on temperature and utilizes solar energy, maintaining low energy consumption and increasing savings. 


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Photos credit: Marles

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