Changing technological solutions in homes can bring significant improvements in comfort, savings, and environmental responsibility. More and more households are facing the challenge of outdated energy devices that not only result in higher costs but also reduced comfort. We have all probably witnessed moments when outdated technology turns into a real nightmare. Obsolete appliances operate slowly and relentlessly consume electricity, as they are less efficient and wasteful. Over time, higher electricity bills accumulate, which could be directed towards more meaningful purchases or savings instead of such wasteful expenditure.


Property Size: 300 m2

Building Year: 1986

Property Type: Detached House

Type of Heat Pump DHW: SILVER

Heating Type: Wood


A family of six resides in a spacious 300 m² house in small town near Velenje. The old heat pump for domestic hot water, which had been in the house since 2002, initially served its purpose well, but over the years, it started showing signs of fatigue. Water heating became slower, and energy consumption increased. Alenka says, “Due to our large family, rapid water heating, especially in the evening when we all want to shower, became crucial.”

How did they tackle the issue, and what did the new heat pump bring to their home?

The decision was made in 2021. They bid farewell to their old DHW heat pump, also manufactured by KRONOTERM, which had served them for nearly 20 years, and replaced it with a more modern solution – the SILVER model. This decision proved crucial in improving their everyday life.




After careful consideration and examination of available options, they opted to replace their heat pump DHW with the SILVER model. This choice proved highly successful, as the new model met their hot water needs while achieving significant energy savings. The cost, compared to the older yet equally economical pump, was cut in half.

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Although Mrs. Alenka notes that they are currently still reliant on wood heating, they have a plan to transition to a heating system with a heat pump within 2 years. One of the key advantages of this decision is the comfort that such heating brings, especially in their older years. Undoubtedly, they will remain loyal to KRONOTERM as their provider, as the company offers a trustworthy and high-quality solution that they have already tested. They are also satisfied with the responsiveness and expertise that the company provides throughout the lifespan of the heating system.


The experience of the family clearly highlights the importance of updating technological solutions in the home. By replacing their old domestic heat pump, they achieved faster water heating, significant energy cost savings, and improved comfort in their daily lives. Their decision also impacts the future, as they plan to transition to a complete heating system with a heat pump.


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