The ADAPT heat pump, crafted by the skilled engineers of KRONOTERM, is recognized by the German institution BAFA as the most energy-efficient compared to 1176 tested heat pumps.


BAFA (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle) is the abbreviation for the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control, which implements measures for the better use of renewable energy sources and energy conservation in the field of energy. European Union directives have long aimed at reducing consumption and preventing energy loss. In this regard, measures for energy efficiency dictate EU members to achieve a broad scope of sustainable energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and thereby decrease import costs. When we think of “energy efficiency,” reducing energy consumption comes to mind first. However, it is not only about reducing consumption, but also the source of the energy consumed. The average European can do a favor to themselves and the environment by transitioning from fossil energy sources to electric energy, especially for heating residential buildings.

Heat pumps offer significant potential to increase the share of renewable energy in the total heating energy consumption, and their use is strongly supported by the EU.

Despite the generally energy-efficient operation of heat pumps, they differ in terms of efficiency. Unfortunately, the results in determining efficiency levels are not always comparable, as many such performance tests of heat pumps neglect various factors, such as temperature and weather conditions. The BAFA list is exceptionally precise in this regard, as heat pumps are subjected to four different temperature conditions during expert testing. Accordingly, efficiency among different heat pumps is much better demonstrated than under a single temperature condition.


BAFA, based on efficiency certificates issued by authorized testing entities, publishes an independent list with data on the efficiency of 1176 different heat pumps from all over Europe. Types of heat pumps included in the list are air/water, exhaust air/water, brine/water, geothermal, and many others. KRONOTERM’s heat pump ADAPT was included in the energy efficiency list for air/water pumps under four different temperature conditions: at -7, 2, 7, and 10 °C air temperature, with the outlet water temperature set at 35 °C. This means that the amount of kW required by the heat pump at different air temperatures in the environment to heat water to 35 °C was tested. Based on this, the coefficient of performance (COP) is calculated for each temperature value, measuring the efficiency of the heat pump. The determination of the efficiency of heat pumps is standardized in Europe according to EN 14511. This standard specifies the conditions under which heat pumps are tested and, consequently, determines their COP values. The standard defines specific test points for measuring efficiency based on the temperature of the energy source input (e.g., outdoor air, exhaust air, gas, groundwater or surface water, geothermal energy… in our case, outdoor air) and the converted output heating source (in our case, water).

When purchasing heat pumps, the COP is crucial as it predicts efficiency to the future user – the higher the COP, the more efficient the operation. Even more useful is the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP), representing the energy efficiency of the heat pump throughout the year.

With the achieved COP and SCOP values, KRONOTERM’s heat pump ADAPT has proven to be incomparable – the annual SCOP reached an impressive value of 5.2 (ADAPT version 0424).

This means that throughout the year or the entire season, with an input of 1 kWh of energy, the ADAPT produces 5.2 kWh of heating energy. On the BAFA list, despite the four temperature conditions, none of the other more than a thousand heat pumps surpassed it in efficiency. The Austrian subsidy office awarded full subsidies to our ADAPT heat pump due to its remarkable energy efficiency.


The ADAPT heat pump is characterized by cutting-edge technology, performance, and efficiency. We have proven to be the best in efficiency in Europe on the BAFA list. Another key element for energy efficiency is the smart intelligence of the ADAPT pump – based on acquired knowledge, the heat pump will adjust according to the weather forecast and simultaneously to the user’s needs and the residential building. Noise during operation is the most common drawback of heat pumps, and here, too, we have surpassed all limits. ADAPT is one of the quietest on the market, as it does not emit any sounds – its operation is even quieter than that of a computer. In the spirit of adaptability, we have not forgotten about the appearance. Due to its special shape and the option to choose colors and housing material, you won’t need to hide the heat pump. Flexibility for the individual was our main feature in its creation.”


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