We believe that everyone is trying to save a euro or two wherever they can, be it on food, clothing, home, or car. Have you ever thought that heating represents a significant part of your operating costs? And that by choosing the best and most cost-effective heating system, you could save enough in fifteen years to buy a brand-new mid-range family car?


In the rush of daily life and numerous obligations throughout the day, there is nothing better than coming home and putting your feet up(relax). Being carefree and without any effort in a pleasantly warm home. With a heat pump, you can forget about chopping and stacking wood or filling the stove with pellets. There are also no worries about when the oil will run out and when the chimney needs cleaning. Carefree heating with a heat pump is equivalent to saved time. Time that you can spend on anything else. And precisely time is becoming one of the most important commodities in life.


When it comes to precise numbers, heat pumps excel in savings. The start is, to caricature it in sports jargon, slow, but in the long run, the heat pump is the absolute winner. Annual savings with our most efficient heat pumps are more eloquent compared to other fuels. You can save over the most compared to electric heating, slightly less compared to heating oil, while the savings compared to wood are around 1/6.


While savings compared to wood may be slightly smaller than with other fuels, the saving of CO2 emissions is by no means negligible. Over fifteen years with a heat pump compared to wood and also pellets, you save an incredible 100 tons of CO2 emissions. For comparison, according to data from the Statistical Office, the average CO2 emissions per kilometer for new passenger cars in 2017 were 119.6 g. This means that for every 1000 kilometers, as much as 120 tons of CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere. The environment will be more than grateful, as the savings in CO2 emissions from using a heat pump, translated into the number of saved trees, mean that with a heat pump, you help preserve up to 533 trees in the same period.



Price is an important factor in every product, but when it comes to amounts and financial investments, it is essential to consider more than just numbers. Quality has a price. Every good product involves numerous research and development stages, a team of creators, and hours of hard work. Quality products do not emerge overnight and with little effort.


A heat pump is one such product. The development of technology, efficiency, and, ultimately, design require a significant number of experts and developers, as well as production and other work processes. We must admit that purchasing a heat pump is a substantial investment, but it quickly pays off and becomes the most cost-effective home heating and hot water preparation system in the long run. Investing in a good heating system always pays off, and the savings compared to other fuels are truly significant.


If you want to have a worry-free heating system for your home, need additional information, or would like personal advice, feel free to contact us!

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