Elvira shared with us her journey from the decision-making process to the actual renovation of the apartment she lives in with her partner in the seaside town of Koper.


Object size: 58 m2

Construction of the object: in the 1971

Object type: apartment building

Heating method: radiators

Heat pump type: VERSI-X

Heat source: air/water

Management: controller KT-2A, Cloud.KRONOTERM

»Thank you, your leadership and the whole KRONOTERM team, with your team it was much, much easier for us. You were the icing on the cake, everything else during the renovation was much more difficult for us. We wish you much success at home and abroad, further development and greater attention of the state to regulate this area. Best regards, Elvira and Marko«


Elvira shared with us her journey from the decision to the actual renovation of the apartment where she and her partner live in the coastal town of Koper, Slovenia. They live in a part of the city where there is no district heating in residential buildings, and their building is poorly insulated, with a new facade not planned for several years. Their apartment measures 58 square meters and is located in a multi-aparment building built in 1971. Due to the need to renovate their 50-year-old apartment, they were simultaneously looking for a solution for more modern but also more economical heating. Both thought that the current heating was too expensive for future retirees. At that time, they heated the apartment with an electric stove and the hot water with an electric boiler, which was a huge monthly expense for them. The renovation was a huge psychological and financial challenge, so they are very grateful for the support of their children.


» I myself could not imagine until recently how an apartment can be heated with a heat pump, especially due to spatial limitations.«


Our joint journey began in 2019 at national construction fair. Elvira says that it was “love at first sight” as she immediately felt the company’s vision, potential and desire to develop an efficient heat pump that would be suitable for (smaller) apartments. Due to the situation in the world, the pandemic, the process of their adaptation was delayed until 2021, when Elvira also retired. Throughout the renovation, we were in contact and in the spring of 2022, we successfully installed the promised heat pump VERSI-X on single-phase electricity, which is very easy to operate and also economical, which means lower heating costs for Elvira in the future.




The only concern was deciding where to place the indoor and outdoor units in the apartment. They placed the indoor unit in the living room, where the wood stove used to be, and closed it in a closet. They placed the outdoor unit on the balcony, where they had a spare refrigerator. They say they like the placement and made a good decision with it.


The advantages they highlight compared to the old heating system are: lower costs, easy operation, placing the outdoor unit on the balcony, and the fact that the VERSI-X heat pump is extremely quiet and unobtrusive. Heating costs have simply been halved. They are most satisfied that they have also solved the problem of hot water and that their bedroom, despite the external location and poor insulation of the block, is always pleasantly heated.


During weather transitions, Elvira and her partner occasionally check the performance of their heat pump using the Cloud.KRONOTERM application. Elvira estimates that their investment in the heat pump will be recouped in 10 years, considering that they live on the coast where winters are milder but electricity prices are increasing, and their apartment has 3 uninsulated exterior walls and a shaded location. However, if they were to replace the façade, it would be much sooner.


Elvira concludes: “I am extremely satisfied with the appearance, use, and operation of the VERSI-X heat pump.” She believes that she and her partner should make more effort to learn the skills and understanding of operating the heat pump, but since it is working properly, they do not interfere with its operation. They are thrilled that KRONOTERM listened to their needs and achieved the compact size and extremely quiet operation of the heat pump, which is particularly important to them as it does not disturb them or their neighbors.


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