Dominick Street in Dublin exemplifies urban regeneration, blending modern architecture, eco-friendly solutions, and high living standards. This innovative project revitalizes the city center and showcases how efficient and sustainable technologies, like KRONOTERM heat pumps, enhance the quality of life in multi-apartment buildings.

Dominick Street in Dublin stands as a prime example of urban regeneration, seamlessly blending modern architecture, eco-friendly solutions, and high living standards. This apartment building, constructed by the Dublin City Council to revitalise the city centre, represents a pioneering project that enhances the quality of life and sets a new standard for future redevelopments in the area.

Transition To Green Heating Also In Multi-Apartment Buildings

Following sustainable development guidelines, Dublin City Council is transitioning from traditional gas or oil heating to heat pumps. The Dominick Street project exemplifies how sustainable solutions can be incorporated into urban development to create a comfortable and environmentally friendly living environment. This initiative, serving as a model for future renovations in Dublin, showcases the potential of heat pump technology for efficient and sustainable heating of multi-apartment buildings. KRONOTERM’s ADAPT heat pumps, known for their efficiency and high-temperature performance, were selected to heat 67 apartments and commercial spaces, as well as to provide domestic hot water.


Modern architecture renovates a once prestigious area

The first residential building on Dominick Street was constructed in 1750 by the Dominick family, after whom the street is named. Over time, this once fashionable area fell into disrepair, with many large houses being converted into apartment blocks. To revitalise the area, the old buildings were demolished and replaced with modern architecture, including 67 social housing units, a community centre, and retail and commercial spaces on the ground floor. Beneath these are basement garages, storage rooms, and boiler rooms. 


The apartments are elevated above street level, with two main staircases leading to a landscaped courtyard on the first floor, where the entrances to the apartment block are located. Private balconies facing Dominick Street provide additional noise protection and ensure a pleasant living environment.

Dominic St MCC1 Plant Buffers
Dominic St MCC1 Roof
MCC1 ADAPT 2 x 0416

Heat pumps for comfortable and sustainable living

At the heart of the project is an innovative heating system. Each of the seven plant rooms is connected to two KRONOTERM ADAPT 0416 heat pumps in a cascade system and one ADAPT 0724 heat pump, providing enough energy to heat an average of nine apartments per block. Each plant room also has a 1200 litre hot water tank, which ensures a continuous supply of hot water for all residents.


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