Public institutions, especially in the healthcare sector, must ensure quality and appropriate care, as well as a pleasant environment for visitors at every moment of operation. At the Community Health Center, they are aware that an adequate amount of hot water and operational cost savings are extremely important. To achieve both goals, they opted for the installation of our S-Max sanitary heat pump.


Name Community Health Center
Location Polzela, Slovenia
Type of facility Public institution
Description Healthcare facility
Device S-Max sanitary heat pump
Description of Heating System Radiator heating
Daily Hot Water Consumption 470 l
Total Heating Power (kW) 8 kW
Source Air/water
Special Features/Challenges High consumption of hot water


More than 20 professional healthcare workers (doctors, physiotherapists, healthcare technicians, and other healthcare professionals) at the Community Health Center perform various healthcare activities. The station receives visits from hundreds of patients daily, resulting in a substantial consumption of hot water. The daily consumption of hot water in the Community Health Center, which also houses a pharmacy, is approximately 470 liters.


They use 264,000 liters of water each year. Before changing the heating system, they spent €2,600 annually to heat the hot water with a conventional boiler. Due to the need to reduce costs, they decided to install the S-Max hot water heat pump with a 450-liter tank.

They are extremely satisfied with the new solution as they have reduced their electricity consumption costs by 4 times, now totaling around €660 per year. Additionally, they no longer run out of hot water, which was quite inconvenient and awkward for a healthcare facility. The annual savings can now be allocated to other equally necessary investments or improvements.


Further cost optimization is achieved through the management of the heat pump via the web using our practical CLOUD.KRONOTERM application (Water.Cloud). Through this application, accessible via a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, they can set operating schedules since the frequency varies significantly day by day, affecting the hot water consumption. On weekends or holidays when the health center is closed, hot water is not needed. With the application, they can adjust the device’s operation instantly from anywhere and anytime.


The water is prepared in accordance with the DVGW W 552 regulation and heated to a constant temperature of 55°C. To achieve protection against legionella in accordance with DVGW-W 551, a system with a switching valve and circulation pump is installed, allowing all water in the system from the entry of cold water through the distribution to consumers and in the return circulation line to the water heater to be overheated. During overheating, the water in the water heater is heated to 65°C. During the remaining time, circulation is activated to maintain hot water at consumer connections.


Legionella is a bacterium that most commonly thrives and reproduces at temperatures between 32 and 42°C and causes various respiratory diseases. It is destroyed at temperatures between 60 and 65°C. Thermal disinfection to prevent legionella is performed daily according to a program.



Given the high consumption of hot water at the Community Health Center, there was no doubt about which type of sanitary heat pump to choose. The S-Max sanitary heat pump is highly efficient and suitable for preparing a larger quantity of hot water.


  • Heating power / heat pump only: 4 kW
  • Tank volume: 450 l
  • Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz / 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Additional electric heaters: 2 kW or 2 x 2 kW single-phase connection or 2 x 2 kW three-phase connection
  • Possibility of installing an additional heat source on the boiler exchanger (solar collectors or fossil fuel boiler…)
  • Possibility of spatial placement of air intake and exhaust or water air
  • Possibility to set operating schedules WEB module (for remote control) optional
  • Possibility of parallel connection of two, three, or more heat pumps to achieve a larger quantity of hot water
  • Additional opening in the lower part of the boiler (G6/4”) for an additional electric heater


Sanitary heat pumps offer numerous advantages, such as lower costs, long lifespan, easy installation, and convenience. Using sanitary heat pumps is a smart choice for those seeking an efficient and sustainable solution for water heating. If you also need one for your business, contact us at .

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