We are honored to share the joyful news with you that our heat pump, KRONOTERM ADAPT, is the winner of the Green Product Award 2023 Editor’s Choice in the Building Components category! Bogdan Kronovšek, the CEO of the company, is thrilled that the efforts and innovation of the company in developing sustainable, silent, and aesthetically refined heat pumps have been recognized and confirmed by some of the leading international experts in the field.

The prestigious international Green Product Award

For 10 years, the professional jury has been awarding the international Green Product Award to the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services. The awards aim to promote a green, innovative, and creative economy directed towards a better shared future. The purpose of the Green Product Award is not only to reward the best but also to raise awareness among the broader public about the importance of environmental issues and to establish alternative systems and solutions. The future can be different for everyone.


The Green Product Award has significant international resonance, reaching millions of people every year through various international media, partners, publications, exhibitions, and fairs.

After an intense voting process, the final announcement of the winners

The award ceremony marks the culmination of a several-week-long voting process that began on December 7, 2022, with the announcement of the nominees and concluded on January 22, 2023. In December, the professional jury nominated over 1300 candidates from 40 countries and selected the top 100 products competing for the title of the most sustainable product of 2023 in one of the 12 categories. Our air/water heat pump, ADAPT, was also a contender for the award in the Building Components category. However, it impressed the professional jury so much that it was granted the Editor’s Choice award, which is the highest distinction. We are truly honored to be recognized as the best by leading experts in the field.

Heading towards a green future with the KRONOTERM ADAPT heat pump

Bogdan Kronovšek, the CEO of the company, explains that the KRONOTERM ADAPT heat pump was born as a response to a seemingly simple question: “We asked ourselves how it would be possible to invent a highly efficient heat pump that is also silent and aesthetically pleasing enough not to be hidden.” The question soon proved to be an interesting challenge. After several years of focused development and collaboration with top experts from various fields, we launched the innovative ADAPT heat pump in 2019, which is one of the quietest and aesthetically most refined on the market. The excellence of our product in terms of technology, ecology, and design also convinced this year’s Green Product Award jury. Nils Bader, the Director of the Green Product Award, enthusiastically stated, “The ADAPT heat pump is an excellent example of the quality and passion with which KRONOTERM contributes to a more sustainable future.”

What does the Green Product Award 2023 mean to us?

The award means more than just a beautiful plaque to us. Bogdan Kronovšek, the CEO of the company, said:


“It means that we are progressing in the right direction, that we share similar values with the world, and that we strive for important goals. We believe that our ADAPT heat pump has proven to the world that it is possible to realize even the grandest visions and successfully combine environmental care, high technology, comfort, and aesthetics. The Green Product Award 2023 is a great success for our company and also gives us new impetus for significant goals in the future.”


He added that the award confirmed what the company has firmly believed since the development of its first heat pump – that KRONOTERM products have high added value for both customers and society as a whole.


Franc Marovt, the Head of Development, stated that the award is actually a reflection of the dedication, passion, expertise, and professionalism of the entire team.

The first impressions upon receiving the award

The prestigious Green Product Award proves that the KRONOTERM ADAPT heat pump is a crucial player in the green transition towards a sustainable and environmentally more viable society. It also demonstrates that heat pumps are the only true answer to environmental issues and a big step towards an ecological future for all. The future will be ecological if it is beautiful, and it will be beautiful if it is ecological – KRONOTERM heat pumps will take care of both.


If you also wish to switch to a green way of heating, contact us here.

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