Eko Glamping Resort Krištof is situated at the foot of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. Owner Tomaž transformed his father's old guesthouse into a resort offering guests a unique and eco-friendly outdoor experience, with a close connection to nature and stunning views. The entire complex is heated and cooled by two KRONOTERM heat pumps.
Eco glamping resort Krištof


Name Eko glamping Krištof
Location Šmartno pri Cerkljah, Slovenia
Type of property Eco Glamping Resort
Description Tourist facility
Heat pump 2x ADAPT
Year of installation 2021
Heating system description Cooling, heating and domestic hot water
Source Air/water
Challenges The facility covers 960 m2 and has high hot water consumption

In Šmartno pri Cerkljah na Gorenjskem, Tomaž Bolka brought his long-time dream of an eco-friendly resort to life in his father’s former guesthouse. He created a refuge from the modern world, converting the building into apartments with a wellness area, and began offering guests breakfasts and brunches alongside the tranquility typical of the village.


Due to the facility’s large size—featuring 15 apartments across three floors, a breakfast room, wellness area, and a small shop totaling 960 m²—Tomaž dedicated significant time to selecting a heating system. He sought a system that was unobtrusive for guests and required minimal maintenance, yet was highly reliable.


When I was considering heating options, my goal was to ensure constant warmth with minimal time investment. Initially, I thought about wood chips, but ultimately chose a heat pump. The KRONOTERM heat pump impressed us with its 24/7 online service,” said the owner.


Today, heating, hot water preparation, and cooling at the Eko Glamping Resort Krištof are managed by two ADAPT heat pumps connected in a cascade. “This setup provides system redundancy. If one pump fails, the other one takes over heating, cooling, and hot water preparation until a technician arrives. It’s similar to an airplane with two engines; if one engine fails, the plane can still land safely,” explained Dr. Dean Besednjak from KRONOTERM.


Exceptional Efficiency

For the owner, the ADAPT heat pumps are extremely efficient and cost-effective. With a very high SCOP of 5.00, they produce 5 kW of heat from just 1 kW of electricity.

Quiet Operation That Doesn’t Disturb Guests

The heat pumps operate quietly and do not disturb guests seeking peace and escape from everyday life. Despite their power, they are almost completely silent, even when installed beneath bedroom windows.

Cooling Without Air Conditioners

On hot days, the heat pumps effectively cool the attic apartments without the need for air conditioners, maintaining a comfortable temperature even during the hottest periods.


Design That Blends In With The Surroundings

Every design detail at the Eko Glamping Resort Krištof is meticulously planned, including the heat pumps. These pumps were developed in collaboration with a design studio to integrate seamlessly into the architecturally refined environment.

Floor Heating With A Beneficial Effect

The owner opted for floor heating installed under wooden planks purchased as waste from a Slovenian wood company. He sanded the planks, waxed them with beeswax and oiled them with linseed oil.


He believes in the beneficial effects of the living water surrounding us and wants his guests to experience the touch of natural wood beneath their bare feet.

Unlimited Hot Water Supply

Although the glamping resort can accommodate more than 45 guests at a time, they never run out of hot water thanks to the large domestic hot water tank.


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