With the ETERA geothermal heat pump, we have found optimal solutions that also halve the installation time and reduce the chance of mistakes. The new solutions have also halved the space occupied by the heat pump system.

The ETERA heat pump is designed with great attention to ease of installation. The solutions implemented will also halve the time spent on installation, while significantly reducing the likelihood of irregularities and installation errors affecting the quality of operation.


The new generation of ETERA heat pumps is built on the all-in-one principle, which means that all key components are already installed and do not need to be connected and installed separately. This also reduces the number of joints and the possibility of faults and leakage.


While the old systems required three expansion vessels, a domestic water tank and safety valves to be installed separately, all these components are now integrated in the system cabinet. This also reduces visual clutter that we had to accept with the old generation of heat pumps. The buffer tank, magnetic dirt separator, strainer, filling set and hot water recirculation pump are also integrated in the unit.


Another special feature of the ETERA heat pump are the included installation templates, which allow you to quickly prepare the piping needed for installation. The template is mounted on the wall and the markings on the template are used to prepare everything necessary to assemble the heat pump in just a few steps.


For further assistance, the standardised connections and design speed up installation and maintenance of the heat pump, while making it easy to upgrade and modernise the components.


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