Are you tired of high heating bills and news about soaring fuel prices? This year, we witnessed historically high prices. Unhappiness due to high heating costs and unexpected settlements is spreading among households . We understand your dissatisfaction as heating prices skyrocketed this winter, and the heating season was exceptionally long.

When it comes to heating, many people first think of high costs. What if we told you there is a heating solution that is not only environmentally friendly and comfortable but also cost-effective and independent of fluctuations in energy prices? You’ve probably heard of the KRONOTERM heat pump, but you may not be familiar with all the reasons why it’s synonymous with the most economical heating.


In recent times, heating with heat pumps has become increasingly popular as it allows for significant savings and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle. With the help of a heat pump, it’s possible to harness free energy, achieve low maintenance costs, and simultaneously perform heating and cooling in one device.


One of the most important factors enabling high savings in heating with a heat pump is the use of free energy. The heat pump utilizes natural sources such as air, water, or the ground to extract the heat needed for heating buildings. This means avoiding the use of fossil fuels, contributing to reduced energy costs, and decreasing the carbon footprint. KRONOTERM heat pumps are highly efficient and have a high coefficient of performance. A higher coefficient of performance means a smaller electrical input for generating more heat, further reducing heating costs.


Furthermore, the use of a heat pump is economical in terms of maintenance costs. With a heat pump, you can say goodbye to annual chimney cleaning costs, as there are no emissions of flue gases during its operation. You also avoid fuel transportation costs since the heat pump utilizes renewable energy sources. Maintenance costs are minimal, requiring only recommended preventive servicing once a year to maintain optimal performance and prevent potential issues.


Another advantage of heat pumps is their versatility. In addition to heating spaces and heating domestic water, a heat pump also enables effective space cooling. This allows you to avoid additional costs of purchasing and installing an air conditioning unit, as the heat pump provides comfortable and efficient cooling without the need for separate devices. Moreover, by removing additional devices from facades, you improve the appearance of your property.



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