Fir and her partner wanted a simple, more economical, and environmentally friendly heating solution. Based on good references, professional articles, and contributions, and with the desire to have a heat pump in their apartment, they opted for the VERSI-X heat pump.


Property size: 83 sqm

Property construction: 1956

Property type: multi-apartment house

Heating method: radiators

Heat pump type: VERSI-X

Heat source: air/water

Control: room controller KT-2A



When purchasing a property, we can face many challenges, one of which can be an outdated and inefficient heating system that affects operating costs and is incompatible with our environmental standards. Heating is important for our comfort and well-being, but heating with an outdated system can cause harmful effects on the environment and our health.


Mrs. Jelka decided to “exchange” her apartment and life in capital town of Slovenia for a friendlier and quieter life in the smaller town upon retirement. With her husband, who is a local, they bought an apartment in the idyllic town near Bohinj lake, which was intended more for holidays. Since they bought an apartment that needed renovation, they also faced the issue of the heating system. Before the renovation, the apartment was heated with heating oil, and hot water was produced by an electric boiler. The outdated heating system needed to be renovated for several reasons:


  • It was not efficient: An outdated heating system is not as efficient as a more modern one, meaning it consumes more energy to heat the rooms. This can result in higher energy costs and greater consumption of natural resources, such as fossil fuels.
  • It caused greater greenhouse gas emissions: An outdated heating system can cause greater greenhouse gas emissions, which can contribute to global warming and climate change. This can also have harmful effects on human health, especially for those with respiratory problems.
  • It increased local pollution: The older the heating system, the more likely it is to have problems with exhaust gases, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and solid particles.
  • It needed more maintenance: An outdated heating system often requires more maintenance and repairs than a more modern one. This can result in additional costs for the owner and increase the likelihood of the system failing.
  • It was not adaptable: An outdated heating system is not adaptable to changing conditions, such as temperature fluctuations or different heating needs for rooms. This can result in unnecessary energy consumption or lack of comfort for users.
  • No remote control options.


Jelka knew that she and her partner wanted simple, more economical, and more environmentally friendly heating. Based on good references, professional articles and contributions, and their desire to have a heat pump in the apartment, they chose heat pump VERSI-X. You may wonder why they chose this particular model of heat pump? Because it is small and takes up little space, which is especially useful in smaller homes where space is limited. It can also be installed in various ways due to its design. Likewise, due to its shape and adaptable design, it can be installed almost anywhere, which was convenient in Jelka’s case when she decided to place the outdoor unit on the balcony.


Since its installation in September 2022, heating costs have decreased, and they are thrilled to be contributing to the environment by saving energy.


»The installation was done with high quality, and the local installer was responsive and immediately prepared to fix any mistakes.«


They had no trouble with just the installation and placement. They decided to place the outdoor unit on the balcony and have the indoor unit in the bathroom.




They say that the noise and vibrations from the heat pump are not bothersome to them or their neighbors because heat pump VERSI-X is extremely quiet and is also placed in a part of the building that wouldn’t disturb anyone’s sleep. Jelka says that it’s even quieter than the nearby river.


They are thrilled with the ease of use: “Managing VERSI-X is truly simple. Users can adjust the temperature according to their needs, and I trust the KRONOTERM smart thermostat KT-2A, which ensures that the temperature is always optimal.” If you’re interested in why we highly recommend the use of the KT-2A room controller and how it can reduce costs by up to 30%.


Jelka’s family is very satisfied with their choice of the heat pump and KRONOTERM. The heat pump VERSI-X has enabled them to have cost-effective heating, high savings, and reduced energy consumption, allowing the family to contribute positively to the environment.


If you need information about the heat pump, or personal advice, please contact us here.

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