Heating sanitary water is one of the major expenses in any company or business building. Many people often face the thought of how to get enough hot water at an affordable price, not only during the heating season but also in the warmer half of the year. Companies, both large and small, can be extremely energy-wasteful facilities. Throughout the year, it is necessary to provide them with a sufficient amount of hot sanitary water for operation and employees, or in our case, for the final product.

Like many Slovenian and foreign companies, Omnivar Brewery also faced similar problems in 2019,  namely which method of heating sanitary water is most suitable for their brewery, which daily requires a huge amount of hot water for beer preparation, while not incurring enormous costs, and which system is efficient and easy to use. Can you imagine if there was a shortage of hot water, which is crucial for brewing at all stages of production, in their activity?


During the tour of the brewery, we spoke with Gašper, who revealed to us that at the beginning, when they were building the brewery, they chose between two heating methods, but in the end, they chose a sanitary heat pump. What convinced them?


“The KRONOTERM sanitary heat pump convinced us mainly with its innovative aspect, and an additional plus was the option of internet access to all devices and services, as this enables faster and more optimal working conditions.”


However, since innovation and accessibility are not always crucial for a company’s larger investment decision, we were interested in what criteria they used to choose the heat pump and how it has met the company’s needs so far.


“Last year (i.e. 2021), we used an average of 150,000 liters of water in our company, from which you can conclude that we needed a device that would heat a huge amount of water. For the current situation of the company, we have installed 2 S-Max heat pumps. I can say that to this day, the pump has met all our expectations, and we are extremely satisfied with its operation.”

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In addition to its efficiency, technical and aesthetic perfection, we would also highlight the extremely quiet operation of the KRONOTERM DHW heat pump. We were able to conduct the interview with Gašper in the room where the device is installed, and it operated smoothly.


The specialty of KRONOTERM sanitary heat pumps is the Cloud application, through which users can also remotely control their heat pumps. Control can be done from the comfort of their own armchair or even from their vacation. The application can be installed on a computer or even on the user’s smartphone, and its use is very simple.


Regarding the use of the application, Gašper said: “We are familiar with the application and use it almost daily, especially before any cooking, as the application allows us to set faster water heating.”


Regarding the consumption of hot water in the brewery, there was no doubt as to which type of sanitary heat pump to offer, given the large volume needed. The S-Max DHW heat pump is highly efficient and suitable for preparing a larger amount of hot water. You can check the pump’s features here.


Omnivar Brewery is one of the many companies for whom the KRONOTERM sanitary heat pump has made work easier and helped to solve problems with heating a huge amount of water for their activities and the production of the final product – beer.


Sanitary heat pumps have numerous advantages such as lower costs, long lifetime, easy installation, and convenience. Therefore, the use of sanitary heat pumps is a smart choice for those seeking an efficient and sustainable solution for water heating.


Do you also want to save money by heating the domestic hot water in your business premises or perhaps at home? Do you need a hassle-free heating system with big savings? Check our DHW heat pumps offer or contact us here.

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