Heating of a Tourist Facility – Which Solution to Choose? High altitude, lower temperatures, and extreme winter conditions could sour the investment in more efficient heating and comfort for the guests of Alpska Perla hotel. However, by knowing where to look for a solution, they found it.


Name Alpska Perla – Cerkno Ski Resort
Location Cerkno, Slovenia
Type of Facility Tourist Facility
Description Ski lodge with a large restaurant and hotel rooms
Thermal Characteristics Built around 2007, 10 cm wool insulation
Original Heating System Heating oil
Previous Heating Cost 50,000 liters/year Elko
Challenge High consumption of heating oil
Device 4 x WPL-90-K1 HTT + WPB-65-1 XHT
Number of Devices 5
Heating Power (kW) 425
Source Air/water, overheating
Year of Installation 2019
Description of the New System Central system
Special Features Altitude of 1291 m
Heating Cost after Installation 70,000 kWh/year
CO2 Savings 24 T/year
Savings 63,6 %/year


Twice Lower Costs with the Switch to a Heat Pump!


When choosing holidays, vacations, or nature retreats, we undoubtedly have comfortable living and a pleasant atmosphere in mind. But not at any cost. Both hotel owners and guests are increasingly aware of the impact on the environment and the importance of coexisting with nature. So, how did they find a suitable solution for heating a tourist facility, and what decision was made in Cerkno? The Alpska Perla Apartments on the Cerkno ski resort are a bright example of how to heat with savings, reduce CO2 emissions, and preserve the authenticity of the environment. Read on to find out how they achieved this.


Because the Alpska Perla hotel is located at an altitude of 1291 m, it is crucial to keep the guests warm. The high altitude presents a significant challenge to the investor. The ski hotel with apartment rooms and a large restaurant has been a wasteful facility, consuming large amounts of heating oil for space heating and hot water. Despite the installation challenge at a high altitude, the heating costs were halved with the efficient and advanced KRONOTERM heat pump.



How to find the right heat pump, especially when looking for a solution to heat a tourist facility enduring extreme weather conditions? Many heat pumps do not adapt to the building’s needs and weather conditions. One of the main reasons customers happily choose KRONOTERM heat pumps is their adaptability. Heat pumps with the booster system are designed to operate in Slovenian climatic conditions, even at -25 °C, a demanding condition for achieving high outlet temperatures and efficiencies. Not only do these heat pumps handle these challenges, but at -10 °C, they achieve heating of domestic hot water to an admirable 65 °C. The combination of KRONOTERM WPL-90-K1 HTT and WPB-65-1 XHT heat pumps chosen by Alpska Perla ensures unconditional operation even at an altitude of 1291 meters.


Following our careful suggestion, in these extreme conditions, the investor opted for an air/water heat pump with a booster system. They now achieve outlet water temperatures higher than 80 °C, allowing heating of domestic hot water to temperatures exceeding 60 °C, all without additional electric heaters. Thus, they ensured that guests of Alpska Perla never run out of hot water and never enter a cold room.


With the KRONOTERM heat pump, Alpska Perla has responsibly contributed to preserving life on Earth and a cleaner environment. The building, constructed in 2007, has a 10-centimeter wool insulation, requiring a high-quality heat pump to ensure guest comfort. The return on investment will be realized in 4.2 years with all the savings, economic impacts, and reduced environmental impacts. Many guests will continue to feel great about unforgettable mountain moments. They have found that, in the long run, this solution for heating a tourist facility is the most cost-effective and efficient.

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