A Slovenian-Austrian couple have settled on the Slovenian coast, where they have built a luxurious villa with a breathtaking view of the sea. This extraordinary pool house is heated and cooled by our ADAPT heat pump, which blends beautifully with the modern architecture. On top of that, it is extremely quiet, which was most important to the owner.


Type of building: new building

Number of persons in the house: 2, occasionally more

Heating method: underfloor heating

Type of heat pump: ADAPT 0312-K3 HT / HK 3F

Heat source: air/water

Operating scheme: 3. heating circuits

Control: room controllers KT-1 and KT-2A, CLOUD.KRONOTERM


The owners fell in love with the location of the house at first sight. The villa is situated on a clearing with a view that extends very far, even as far as Croatia. It is divided into two living areas, which can be completely separate units if desired and needed. It creates the feeling of a holiday home designed for peace and rest. For this very reason, the owners wanted a heating system that would not disturb them and would also not disturb the surroundings. They wanted a reliable and quiet heat pump with good service support.


“The house is heated by a heat pump. It was important to us that it had a suitable capacity, was reliable, had good service and had an outdoor unit that was extremely quiet. It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t bother the neighbours,” says the owner.


They were most impressed by the ADAPT heat pump, which is extremely flexible, quiet and sophisticated in design. They chose an outdoor unit in NERO, which complements the colour of the woodwork beautifully. The ADAPT heat pump can heat large and small family homes, and this is because it is designed with a smart controller that varies the pump’s output according to the actual heating or cooling needs of the building. At the same time, the heat pump is designed in such a way that it can be switched on or off remotely, allowing electricity traders to control the heat pump, which in turn speaks of so-called smart grids, where we will one day be able to trade heat in the future.


The ADAPT heat pump indoor unit is designed in the style of the minimalist interior design that the owners also love and have incorporated into their home. It is placed in a cupboard in the utility room and thus hidden from view. Its silent operation ensures total comfort for the owners and, thanks to its clean lines and white colour, it could even be placed on its own, without a cupboard. The ADAPT heat pump is one of the quietest heat pumps in Europe, it is almost inaudible.


The design of the outdoor unit is modern, with clean lines, which has also been awarded several times. Users can choose from a variety of colours and materials for the outdoor unit, allowing individual adaptation to the architecture of the building and the surroundings. The owners have chosen painted sheet metal in the dark colour NERO. The soundlessness and the blending in with the surroundings are one of the many decisive features when choosing an ADAPT heat pump, as they allow the users and the surroundings to live at the highest level. A completely unobtrusive heating system, relaxed living without distractions, is what people are looking for in today’s fast-paced and intensive lifestyle.



Choosing a heat pump is a very important decision when building or renovating a house, as it is in use 365 days a year. It provides indoor heating in winter and cooling in summer. All year round, the heat pump is used by the owners of the house in Portorož to heat the domestic water. The heat pump also has many other functions, one of which is heating the swimming pool, which significantly extends the bathing season in the home garden. The owners have also used our heat pump to speed up construction by using the drying function of the screed. This is because the heat pump has the ability to dry the screed quickly in the case of underfloor heating in new buildings.


The owners also presented the house on TV Ambienti, a national TV show about architecture and design. You can watch the interview with the owners and their experience with our ADAPT heat pump in the video below.


Ambienti TV show

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