Maribox is the largest entertainment center in Slovenia, located in Maribor. In addition to a cinema, the entertainment center includes various activities such as recreational facilities with a fitness center and billiards, a diverse catering offer, children's play areas, and several other business activities.
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Building type Business building
Location Maribor, Slovenia
Original condition Gas heating


6 heat pumps,

Source: Water/Water,

Total power: 600 kW

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The largest entertainment center in Slovenia – Maribox, faced a real nightmare: 30,000 m2 of space consumed a massive amount of energy for heating and cooling, resulting in unimaginably high costs. The company promptly took action, replacing the gas heating system with the KRONOTERM heat pump system. How did the company completely eliminate the gas heating expense? How were the saved funds allocated to new activities for visitors? Read on to find out.


In 2020, the operations of the entertainment center were initially transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by an energy crisis. Heating and cooling costs almost overnight exceeded all expected limits of normality. In an effort to reduce the exceptionally high operating costs of such a large facility, the company decided to upgrade the gas heating and cooling system to the KRONOTERM heat pump system. “Maribox has a very large total area. It’s hard to describe in words how large the monthly heating and cooling costs were and what savings each percentage reduction in costs would entail. Since heat pumps offer the most significant savings, we chose the KRONOTERM heat pump system from a local manufacturer,” says the director.

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»At Maribox, we cannot afford the facility to be without heating for even a day, let alone an hour. We must ensure comfort at the highest level for visitors all the time, whether in winter when the facility needs to be heated or in summer when it needs to be cooled. And it’s always good to save something. KRONOTERM heat pumps are ideal for both.«

The gas heating system was replaced with a new heating system using water/water heat pumps

“The reasons for the upgrade were primarily financial. For comparison, we used approximately 1.5 million kWh of gas for heating and an equal amount of electricity annually, which is enormous. Consequently, our costs were extremely high. With the installation of the KRONOTERM heat pump, gas savings were at least 95% after the first year, as thanks to the heat pumps, we almost completely eliminated gas consumption this winter,” the director adds.


Regarding the investment, the director states, “We couldn’t be more satisfied. We estimate that the savings for cooling in the summer due to the heat pump will be at least 20%.”


As the average annual temperature rises, heating is no longer the only annual expense. Increasingly, cooling costs are also significant, especially as summers become longer and hotter each year. By purchasing the KRONOTERM heat pump, Maribox can cool its premises in the summer at a minimal cost and significant savings.


For a better understanding of Maribox’s significant savings, consider this fact: In February 2022, Maribox consumed 90,000 kWh of electricity and 200,000 kWh of gas. In February 2023, thanks to the KRONOTERM heat pumps, they only used 20,000 kWh of gas and 135,000 kWh of electricity. “The payback period for the investment is only 6 years for us, given the current gas prices, exceeding all expectations,” adds the director.

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The reasons for updating the outdated heating and cooling system were also environmentally motivated

Although the company primarily wanted to optimize the operating costs of the energy-intensive building, it also aimed to align with the path of a green transition. Mr. Jerič proudly states that the new KRONOTERM heating and cooling system is one of the most ecological and advanced in Europe, and he is pleased that Maribox is keeping pace with the times.

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How do the highly efficient KRONOTERM heat pumps work

Maribox, located directly by the Drava River, benefits from water/water heat pumps installed by KRONOTERM, which efficiently utilize the river’s heat – an underground water source. The uniqueness of the Drava River is its relatively low water temperature in winter, dropping even to two degrees above zero. This presented a challenge that was met by the innovative technology of KRONOTERM’s water/water heat pumps, which maintain high efficiency even in unfavorable temperature conditions. As the director, Mr. Jerič explains the complexity of the project, “We were already cooling the facility by utilizing a water source. During the renovation of the heating system, we found a unique solution with KRONOTERM on how to use this same water source for heating despite the relatively low winter water temperature. The first winter showed that the heat pumps worked flawlessly despite the low temperature of the Drava River.”


The heating and cooling system in Maribox first draws water into the storage tank, then directly into the heat pump system. This water then circulates through the entire system and returns to the river uncontaminated. Six heat pumps with a total power of 600 kW ensure the flawless operation of the building 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring guest satisfaction.


Finally, we ask the director about the reasons for choosing the Slovenian family-owned company KRONOTERM. Mr. Jerič proudly states that, among all heat pump providers on the market, the nearly 50-year continuity of exceptional innovations and inventions on domestic soil quickly convinced them. The director also emphasizes the importance of the proximity of a responsible company for proper maintenance and service of the heat pump. “It’s one thing to buy a heat pump, but it’s another to buy a quality heat pump from a local manufacturer who is stationed nearby and can always respond immediately and provide all the necessary support. This lets us know that we have a partner who is always available and whom we can always rely on.”


If you would like to have safe, affordable, carefree and environmentally friendly heating, need further information or would like a personal consultation, please contact us here.

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