In the southeast part of London, there is a historical property that has been an architectural gem in the Edwardian era style since 1910. This building has a rich history and has captivated many generations with its refined Neo-Georgian architecture. Despite its 110-year history, the building has retained its original charm and character.

Recently, this historical gem underwent a transformation that combined energy efficiency with the preservation of cultural heritage. To carry out this ambitious project, the new owners chose to collaborate with our partner company Solaris Energy from the United Kingdom, known for its expertise and innovative approaches.


The client entrusted them with the property, also known as a “time capsule,” which had been the home of the previous owners for 45 years. Therefore, they carefully selected partners to help preserve the soul of the building while adapting its interior to the demands of modern living. The company proved to be an ideal partner for this challenge, as their solutions are reliable, efficient, and powerful. Additionally, the ADAPT exterior unit is the most beautiful on the market, which was an added bonus.


»Reliability, efficiency, and performance were superior to the competition, with the additional bonus that the ADAPT exterior unit is the most beautiful on the market.«


The renovation not only involved updating the building but also preserving its historical character. The team from the partner company meticulously planned and executed the renovation, which included replacing the traditional gas system with two air/water heat pumps, the ADAPT model by KRONOTERM. Although KRONOTERM heat pumps were not well-known in the United Kingdom, after a thorough review of their efficiency, reliability, and performance data, they opted for them. Thus, this renovation marked the first installation of KRONOTERM heat pumps in the United Kingdom.


The result of their work is impressive – the property now operates with greater energy efficiency while preserving its original appearance and charm. The ADAPT heat pumps together provide a heating power of 24 kW, perfectly meeting the heating needs of this extensive property. It is interesting to note that the ADAPT heat pump is recognized by the German organization BAFA as a pinnacle of energy efficiency, surpassing many other tested heat pumps.


However, innovation does not stop at energy efficiency. Our heat pump system is equipped with advanced remote control through CLOUD.KRONOTERM technology, enabling monitoring, analysis, and diagnostics. This ensures optimal operation and a long system lifespan, along with additional comfort in living.


Aesthetics were also essential in this project. The customer chose the ADAPT heat pumps in Nero color, perfectly matching the modern design of the heat pump and the classic facade of the property.


This renovation sets new standards for the successful combination of preserving history and modern energy efficiency. Credit for this goes to the innovative solutions and expertise of our partner company from the United Kingdom.





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