The European Environmental Office (EOU) conducted a survey of the brands of European heating system manufacturers and their measures for carbon neutrality. Kronoterm was ranked among the leading heating system manufacturers in Europe, surpassing even some larger and more recognized global companies. Our company is thus pioneering and setting trends in the field of green heating systems and climate change mitigation with numerous green solutions.


The use of fossil and solid fuels is still too common and encouraged, both in households and industries, even by heating system manufacturers. The European Environmental Agency has scrutinized the heating industry, as the heating and cooling sector is responsible for half of the annual energy consumption in the EU and one-third of CO2 emissions.

Europe has long been striving for decarbonization and transitioning to clean energy, relying on companies like ours. The EU aims to encourage heating system manufacturers to shift towards environmentally friendly heating systems such as heat pumps and abandon gas and oil boilers.

Contrary to most leading European heating system manufacturers, with our products, we are setting the EU on the path to achieving the climate goals of 2030 and 2050. The European Union has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.




Heat pumps are the heating system of the future, saving as much as 9.16 million tons of CO2 annually in the EU. Unlike fossil and solid fuels, heat pumps do not release greenhouse gases and particulate matter into the atmosphere during operation. Heat pumps utilize renewable sources, namely air, ground, and water, for their operation.

The report categorized all included heating system manufacturers as ‘leaders,’ ‘followers,’ ‘laggards,’ and ‘dark horses,’ depending on the extent to which their portfolios align with Europe’s climate goals. They selected 53 companies engaged in the production and development of household heating systems.

As many as 38 companies were unwilling to disclose their decarbonization intentions and measures or confirm that they do not plan to change their activities to achieve carbon neutrality together. Only six companies in the survey, including ours, exclusively manufacture environmentally friendly heating systems. In the report, KRONOTERM was classified as one of the ‘leaders’ based on its activities and measures.

As a selected Slovenian company that participated in the survey, we reaffirm our developmental quality and the right direction of our operations. KRONOTERM is practically the only one among all Slovenian manufacturers that met the criteria for selection as a leading manufacturer. Being selected as a leading manufacturer in the heat pump segment and environmentally friendly heating systems places our company on the map of future-oriented and green economy companies in Europe.


Since its establishment, our company’s mission has been the design, development, production, and implementation of high-tech devices for efficient and environmentally friendly heating. With each new product, we aim to further commit ourselves to environmental preservation.

With the award-winning, highly efficient, and visually refined ADAPT heat pump, we took a significant step in this direction. We used a new refrigerant, R452b, which does not harm the ozone and has a 67% lower carbon footprint than existing refrigerants. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, the high efficiency of the device and consequently lower energy consumption (a small percentage of electrical energy is required for the operation of the heat pump) and recyclable materials also contribute to it.


Our quality and innovations have been recognized multiple times in the past by various domestic and international professional institutions. Therefore, being recognized as a leader in the segment is not a surprise. On the contrary, it is evidence that we are experts in our field, not only in Slovenia but also in Europe.


There is very little time left to achieve European climate goals, so it is important that other companies also focus on heating systems that are more environmentally friendly and develop green solutions.

Assistant Director of KRONOTERM, Dr. Dean Besednjak: ‘At KRONOTERM, we always strive for the development and production of environmentally and user-friendly products. With our products, we directly support activities that lead to achieving a neutral carbon footprint from building heating. We are aware that only green energy is the energy of the future. We are proud that the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has recognized and ranked our company among the leading environmentally friendly heating device manufacturers in Europe.

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