Choosing the right heating system is crucial for the comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability of your home. When making this decision, it's not only about the initial investment but also about the entire spectrum of costs that may arise in the future. While the low cost of some heating solutions may seem appealing at first glance, it is crucial to recognize pitfalls that can lead to unpleasant financial surprises.

Have you considered the impacts of rain, snow, or wind on the operation of a heat pump? Is the heat pump quiet enough not to disrupt your life, sleep, and your neighbors, and does it avoid creating neighborhood disputes? What about the external appearance of the heat pump; does it blend with your architecture? Is the service for your heat pump available immediately when issues arise, with a team of experts and spare parts in stock? All of this and more is provided by KRONOTERM heat pumps, making them the most carefree and economical choice.

Does the higher investment in purchasing a heat pump raise doubts for you?

The initial investment in a KRONOTERM heat pump pays off in the form of many factors, one of them being higher efficiency. This means that a technologically more advanced heat pump can extract more thermal energy from the source (usually air, water, or ground) for each kilowatt of electricity consumed, which pays off in the long run as savings accumulate. According to the experiences of customers who opted for a more technologically advanced heat pump, it is possible to achieve savings of €4,000 or even more over a period of 15 years.

Are you concerned about sleep disturbances, communication issues, and strained neighbor relations due to the noise from the heat pump?

The noise from heat pumps is often disruptive for the owner and the neighborhood, causing issues in communication, sleep, and relaxation. The KRONOTERM heat pump is developed and manufactured with integrated noise reduction solutions, meaning it will be unobtrusive for you and the surroundings. Additionally, you will save money, as there is no need for the installation of an additional effective noise-reducing enclosure, which typically costs between €2,000 and €4,000.

Who wants to endure the cold due to a long waiting line for service?

With built-in remote control and the option for remote assistance, the KRONOTERM heat pump sets a new standard of comfort for your home. Save time, money, and nerves, as most issues and disruptions can be resolved without the need for a service technician visit. In case of problems or malfunctions, spare parts are available immediately, as all products are locally manufactured by KRONOTERM. Avoiding unnecessary service visits can result in savings of up to 100 EUR or even more.

What if your property lacks a shelter to protect the heat pump from rain or snow?

Heat pumps that are not protected against rain and snow often require the attention, intervention, and effort of owners to remove snow or accumulated ice, hindering or preventing the operation of the heat pump. Therefore, all manufacturers recommend placing the heat pump under a shelter and wind protection for better and more reliable performance. The weather protection of KRONOTERM heat pumps not only shields them from the effects of weather conditions but also maintains optimal operation and the external appearance of the device.


Will the appearance of the heat pump spoil the look of your property?

Wrong decisions often lead to years of daily questioning why a different choice was not made. Later replacement of the traditional appearance of air conditioners or their concealment can cost several thousand euros. At KRONOTERM, we understand that the appearance of the heat pump can be a crucial factor in the aesthetic perception of your property. Therefore, our heat pumps are designed with aesthetics in mind, seamlessly blending into the surroundings of your home or property.

In a heat pump, not only the initial investment but primarily the total cost of ownership matters.

Investing in a heat pump is not simple, as it has a significant impact on broader aspects, including installation, electrical and architectural aspects of integration into the building, and the operation itself, which can also affect neighboring residents. The experiences of our customers in the last 15 years, as well as the experiences of customers of other providers, have shown that initially low and “affordable” investments in these years of use can increase due to hidden costs, undisclosed factors, and exaggerated marketing claims. In extreme cases, this increase could range from 4,000 to even 10,000 EUR. This only confirms the old wisdom that the cheapest investment can turn out to be the most expensive in the end.

The KRONOTERM heat pump represents a comprehensive and well-thought-out solution for your heating needs. With high technological sophistication, no hidden costs, comfort, and adaptability, it represents an investment that will bring you long-term comfort and lasting savings. With a KRONOTERM heat pump, you avoid unpleasant financial surprises and ensure carefree living in perfect harmony with technological progress. Because of this and market experience, we at KRONOTERM are confident that the KRONOTERM heat pump represents one of the most favorable, safe, and sensible long-term investments.

FACTS: Comfort, peace of mind, and environmentally friendly and cost-effective operation depend on the advancement of the heat pump, the organization of the provider, and also on the initial investment. When purchasing a heat pump, the saying “You get what you pay for” applies, as this investment is long-term, and a wrong decision can lead to regret in the coming years.

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