Almost her entire life, Nina lived in a house heated by a wood stove (without a storage tank), so she says that a heat pump is a luxury!
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One of the few things Nina and Matic were not at all in doubt about during the construction of their house was the heating method. They always knew that the house would be heated through underfloor heating using a heat pump. According to them, this heating method is the most optimal for well-insulated new buildings and fits their lifestyle.


Almost her entire life, Nina lived in a house heated by a wood stove (without a storage tank), so she can say that a heat pump is a luxury! “You press 3 buttons and the house will be warm.” You don’t need to load wood into the stove every 3 hours, or go to the forest every spring and fall to make firewood, chop it, and then stack it in the woodshed… Yes, the heat pump is definitely a luxury.


  • Very little effort: They control the entire heating system via phone, computer, or wall controller.
  • Continuous operation: It operates 24/7, ensuring the house is always warm, and hot water is always available.
  • Low heating costs: According to their calculations, considering their options, heating with a heat pump is the most cost-effective for them.
  • Takes up very little space: The indoor unit requires much less space than, for example, a wood/pellet stove or an oil tank.
  • The indoor unit is about the size of a classic freestanding refrigerator with a few additional pipes.

Which heat pump did they choose?

At the last minute, just before the plastering work, they changed their minds about the manufacturer. Because it was literally the last moment, Matic had to modify the already prepared installations together with the installer on a Sunday (first, a gas connection was planned, and then water), as the plasterers were coming on Monday. They chose the ADAPT heat pump with variable power from 3 to 10 kW. The heat pump has a water connection, meaning water is the heat transfer medium. It works by extracting energy from the air, raising it to a higher temperature level with a compressor, and transferring it to the heating system. So, from 1 unit of electrical energy, they get about 5 units of heat energy. This significantly reduces costs compared to heating solely with electricity. At the same time, it heats domestic hot water.

Why did they choose the KRONOTERM heat pump?

Regarding the manufacturer, they changed their minds at the last minute because, after comparing heat pumps, they found KRONOTERM to be more appealing. Matic was convinced by better efficiency, while Nina was drawn to the design because she found their outdoor unit to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Both were convinced that by purchasing, they support a Slovenian company, and it’s one of the quietest heat pumps on the market.

What is the noise level of the heat pump?

Three years ago, at her parents’ house, Nina transitioned from wood heating to a heat pump. At that time, her peaceful sleep during winter months ended because the outdoor unit fan could be heard even in the bedrooms. And if you need complete silence for sleep, as Nina does, she says it makes sense to thoroughly check the noise levels of heat pumps. Not just the numbers on paper but also the real noise.


Their heat pump is literally inaudible compared to the one her parents have. The outdoor unit is not heard inside at all, and it is not heard outside in the garden. Its operation is only audible when you are right next to it.


The indoor unit was a bit louder at the beginning. Matic wasn’t bothered by it, but Nina was, as she is more sensitive to different sounds compared to him. Regarding the noise, she reported it to KRONOTERM, so they remotely adjusted some settings (the heat pump is connected to the internet, so they can monitor its status at any time), and then a technician came to check if everything was as it should be. After the settings were changed, the noise level became acceptable.


The noise level is quite an important feature, as she has often heard of neighbor disputes, especially in dense settlements. She says that in certain rooms, at night, when it’s completely quiet, they can hear the neighbor’s heat pump. Fortunately, it’s on the other side of the house from the bedrooms, so it’s not disturbing.


Heating cost

For them, this is the cheapest and most optimal way of heating. The monthly heating cost is quite low, and with a heat pump, they save a lot of time because there is no work involved in heating. For Nina, time savings are almost as important as saving money.


The heating cost depends on the insulation of the house, so the heating cost in properties with poorer insulation is higher. Nina heats about 180 m2, and the insulation thickness is 22 cm.


The graph above shows the consumption from November (2021) when they moved in, to April (2022). In February and March 2022, there was no charge for power and network fees, so the heating amount significantly decreased (this change is not reflected in the graph).


The approximate monthly amounts for heating the house and hot water are listed below.


November: €66

December: €87

January: €71

February: €39

March: €31


They estimate that from May to September, they will only heat domestic hot water, and the cost will be between €10 and €15 per month. If they draw a line and roughly estimate, the annual electricity cost for heating will be €500, which is €40 per month.

Appearance of the ADAPT heat pump

Aesthetic appearance is entirely unimportant for many people, especially when it comes to heating devices. However, for Nina, as a woman and someone who values aesthetics at home, the appearance of the heat pump is not negligible. Compared to others she looked at, the ADAPT heat pump is aesthetically the best-designed! Especially the outdoor unit, which was exhibited at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and at Milan Design Week, where 30,000 visitors saw it.


You can see the outdoor unit in all its beauty HERE.



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