Have you been dreaming of an almost silent heat pump for a long time? A heat pump that won't disturb your peace? The new casing of the ADAPT heat pump ensures exceptionally quiet and almost silent operation in all conditions. You will sleep peacefully, and in the morning, you will wake up in pleasantly heated spaces. Even neighborhood relations will be more enjoyable because the heat pump will operate almost silently.
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In air/water heat pumps, the noise level is crucial.

Heat pumps are very popular; in 2022, in Germany alone, 236,000 heating heat pumps were sold, which is about 53% more than the previous year. 87% of these are air/water heat pumps. In the DACH region, subsidies for installing heat pumps in new buildings or renovations are sometimes very high, making it easier for investors to choose them.

For investors, noise is crucial for air/water heat pumps. Especially in new settlements where heat pumps are particularly desirable, land is getting smaller, and thus the distances to neighboring houses are shorter. Therefore, noise is becoming an increasingly important issue. The main effects of environmental noise are disturbances. Noise negatively affects communication, rest, and relaxation. It also affects concentration at work and psychological well-being. These obstacles significantly contribute to the disturbances faced by those affected. According to a survey by the Federal Environment Agency, 60% of respondents feel disturbed by the noise of neighbors. Only traffic is perceived as even more disturbing.

To ensure that an environmentally friendly heating solution does not cause disputes among neighbors and other complaints, KRONOTERM listens carefully to the noise caused by their products and tests even what cannot be heard.


Specialists in quiet heat pumps

The measurement unit for capturing noise is expressed in decibels (dB). It occurs when the noise source causes air vibrations, thereby changing the air pressure at a certain distance. The greater the change in air pressure, the higher the noise level. The value of 0 dB roughly corresponds to the human auditory threshold.

Despite the measurable noise level being important for customers, how they perceive the noise of the heat pump is even more critical. Their acceptability depends on it. The keyword is psychoacoustics, as loudness is not always equal to perceived loudness. This depends on the noise level as well as the frequency, bandwidth, and duration of the signals.

The consequences of loudness are enormous for people’s well-being. If noise is perceived as disturbing, the brain releases stress hormones, and the body prepares for a defensive position—even during sleep. If this state of wakefulness due to noise persists for a long time, it harms health.



Quiet and versatile

Have you been dreaming of an almost silent heat pump? A heat pump that won’t disturb your peace? The new housing of the ADAPT heat pump ensures exceptionally quiet and nearly silent operation in all conditions. You will sleep peacefully, waking up in pleasantly heated spaces in the morning. Even neighbor relations will be better, as the heat pump will operate almost silently. Besides heating, the new heat pump also provides cooling, offering you a comfortable indoor climate in the summer.

Noise, clatter, creaking, sleep disturbances, and poor neighbor relations? Have you encountered this? Due to the increasing number of heat pumps, noise is becoming a growing nuisance. Therefore, in developing the new generation of air/water heat pumps, we thought of everything and reduced the noise of the external and internal units to an almost inaudible level. To achieve this nearly silent level, we used noise damping technology from our quiet geothermal heat pumps. The compressor, converter, and other noisy components are integrated into the external unit, surrounded by a specially designed and insulated sound chamber. It is made of materials that suppress disturbing frequencies. To ensure you enjoy a perfect sleep, we installed a bionic fan with owl-shaped blades that produces noise equivalent to a desktop computer. The noise from the heat pump at the property boundary will no longer be heard.

KRONOTERM continually develops its products with the goal of reducing noise. In May 2019, we introduced the new generation ADAPT heat pumps to the market, achieving low levels of sound radiation through their special technology.

If you would like to have a worry-free home heating system, need additional information, or would like personal advice, contact us at or +386 3 703 16 20.

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