On the hill above the Vipava Valley stands an idyllic single-story house surrounded by a garden. The scorching sun beats through large windows most of the day. This was one of the reasons why the Slokar couple replaced the gas heater with our ADAPT heat pump, which, in addition to heating in winter, also allows cooling of the spaces in the summer months.

The Slokar couple built a smaller ground-floor house just a few kilometers from Ajdovščina. After a few years of living in a house with a sunny location and an excellent view of the Vipava Valley, they realized that the sun, while pleasant for living, can be somewhat uncomfortable. The house tended to heat up considerably during the warm months. They were looking for a solution that would combine the need for cooling in the summer with cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating in the winter. They chose the ADAPT heat pump, which, in addition to both, also provides hot water heating.


House size: 185 m2

Type of heating before the system replacement: gas boiler

Number of people in the house: 2

Heating method: underfloor heating

Heat pump type: ADAPT 0416-K3 HT / HK 3F

Operational scheme: weather-controlled operation with heating curve

Control: room controller KT-2A, CLOUD.KRONOTERM


Heating with a heat pump is extremely cost-effective compared to other heating sources. Savings compared to gas heating, as the Slokar couple had before, are significant and can reach up to 60% or more. Gas prices are rising, and due to geopolitical events, the future of gas supply is uncertain. Another positive aspect of heating with a heat pump compared to gas is that it is much more environmentally friendly. The Slokars, surrounded by nature, wanted heating that is friendly to their surroundings and has a smaller carbon footprint. The heat pump utilizes renewable energy sources such as water, air, or soil. Only about 20% of the electricity it consumes is for operating the device, while the remaining 80% of thermal energy comes from renewable sources.


The single-story house with a four-pitched roof is 185 m2 and divided into living and sleeping areas. Most sunlight hits the living area, so the Slokars needed a solution for cooling these spaces. “The heat pump allows both heating and cooling, and that’s why we decided to go with this system,” said Mr. Slokar. “We noticed the need for cooling the house in the summer. The position here is such that it heats up quite a bit.”


The ADAPT heat pump has multiple functions, providing efficient heating and cooling of spaces, along with heating hot water. The ADAPT heat pump is flexible in operation, installation, and appearance. Its outstanding efficiency and intelligent adaptation have contributed to its top-ranking in seasonal efficiency in Europe, making it extremely environmentally friendly. It uses a completely new refrigerant, R452b, which does not harm the ozone and has a 67% lower carbon footprint than existing refrigerants.



The Slokars love nature, and this was essential when purchasing the plot for the house. They removed only three large trees during construction, leaving the rest of the small forest untouched. The house is surrounded by a garden and plenty of greenery, and the olive green color of the ADAPT heat pump‘s external unit (OLIO) blends with the plants around the house and is almost invisible.


Its monolithic design is minimalistic, allowing for individual choice and perfect adaptation to the architecture of the building and the surroundings. The external unit is available in six color variations. The external unit also does not require any weather protection that could disrupt the building’s architecture or cause additional costs.


The device’s design has won several awards, including Archiproducts, Big SEE, and the Made in Slovenia badge, under which the heat pump was presented at several notable design events in Europe last year.




The heating system replacement was straightforward and fast, requiring few adjustments. “The replacement itself took one day because everything fits. The new device is connected, and there are no problems,” described the owner. The comfort of the heat pump and ease of use are complemented by remote control. KRONOTERM developed the CLOUD.KRONOTERM web application for this purpose, allowing remote device control anytime, anywhere. Using mobile devices, the Slokars can set various device operation schedules and have numerous settings available for the most efficient device operation and thus the lowest costs.

The Slokars also presented their house in the TV show TV Ambienti on national television. You can watch the interview and their experience with our ADAPT heat pump in the video below.

With a focus on comfortable living.


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