Having a strong vision and creating a device that will change the future of living is neither easy nor common. Rudi Kronovšek had such a vision, and above all, an incredibly strong desire to develop the most user and environmentally friendly heating system. 30 years ago, he founded our company, which is now the leading development company in the field of heat pumps in Slovenia.

KRONOTERM is synonymous with quality, a pleasant family business, and innovations in environmentally friendly heating and cooling. Since its establishment, our mission has been the design, development, production, and implementation of high-tech devices for efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling. Constant investment in knowledge and development, advanced technology, strategic partnerships, the quality and flexibility of production and services, technical support to partners and customers, and highly trained service support are the values and advantages that make us recognized as the most expertly qualified and trustworthy. Our exceptionally efficient devices ensure comfort in nearly 100,000 properties at home and abroad.



Many successful entrepreneurial stories began either randomly or with humble beginnings in a home garage. KRONOTERM is no exception. The company, initially named Termo-tehnika, was founded by Rudi Kronovšek thirty years ago. Right in his own garage. Rudi Kronovšek was a visionary and developer with a sense of entrepreneurship and a pioneer in the field of heat pumps since 1976. While employed in a large Slovenian household appliances company during that time, he developed the first generation of serially produced sanitary heat pumps in Slovenia. His desire to explore numerous possibilities for using heat pumps led him to establish his own company.


The beginnings were not always easy, but with exceptional support from his wife Cvetka, Rudi slowly and successfully paved his way in heating technology. The first production line of sanitary pumps followed, and a few years later, the expansion of the company from a single workshop and garage to larger business premises, which were decisive and necessary for the establishment of a new line of heating heat pumps. In 2010, the management of the company was taken over by his son Bogdan, who continues Rudi’s passion for the development of heat pumps. “Creativity drives me. Making things that benefit others, creating something new that is not generic,” says director Bogdan Kronovšek. With the new generation came the time for a new brand and later the renaming of the company. Our successes outgrew the then-current facilities, and in 2015, we moved to large production facilities just steps away from the previous ones, which also house one of the most modern laboratories in this part of Europe. The laboratory, over 300 m2 in size with two testing chambers, enables cutting-edge research, essential for the development of new and even better heat pumps.

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The success of the company is confirmed by both numerous satisfied users of their devices and industry experts. We have become “European champions” three times, as our heat pump has been declared the best heat pump in Europe three times, which is an outstanding achievement. Numerous achievements and awards, especially in the field of innovation, are what, in addition to user satisfaction, drives us to develop even more efficient devices and improvements at every step. For our successes and devices, we have received numerous national and international recognitions and awards. Among them are the Gazela Savinjske regije award, the Archiproducts award, the Made in Slovenia excellence mark, awards for the Best Innovation according to the public, and the Environmentally Friendly Product award. Last year, we also became ambassadors for the international campaign I feel Slovenia. Green. Creative. Smart.


One of the significant steps we took was the development of the new generation of heat pumps, ADAPT. In addition to functionality and exceptional efficiency, the heat pump has received aesthetic value. The device is impeccably designed and almost silent, allowing it to blend with the surroundings and become invisible. With this new feature, visual appeal, and exceptional quietness, we have announced a new trend in the heat pump segment. Six different colors are just the icing on the cake.


We are also innovative in the technological aspect of managing our devices. We were among the first to introduce remote control through mobile devices. The Cloud.KRONOTERM application provides an exceptional user experience for managing and monitoring the operation of heat pumps from anywhere, anytime. We have also designed an AR application for the virtual placement of the heat pump in any space. With the application, users can see how the heat pump will look in their homes, how much space it will take up, and where it is best to place it. The latest innovation was introduced last year when we launched the versatile heat pump VERSI, setting a new milestone. The VERSI heat pump surpasses conventional uses, as it is intended for use even in apartments. With three different versions and exceptional compactness, it allows the installation of the device in the smallest corners of the home, even in the attic, under the stairs, or on the balcony.


Not only our successes are growing but also the KRONOTERM family. In thirty years, we have gone from the visionary leader Rudi Kronovšek to 120 regularly employed individuals. Despite the growing KRONOTERM family, which is highly connected and positively oriented, our principles and values remain the same. Quality and satisfaction of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and business partners, adaptability, and responsiveness are our top priorities. We can say that the future of the company KRONOTERM is top-notch, just like our performance. The first 30 years are only the beginning for us; the best is yet to come!


At KRONOTERM, we are always open to new knowledge and colleagues who would contribute to our success and a greener future. For advice and the selection of the most suitable heat pump, you can contact us here.


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