With the versatile heat pump VERSI, an excellent solution for apartments and other smaller buildings, we have set a new milestone in the field of heat pumps. The features of the new device, through which we aim to penetrate new European markets, especially in the Netherlands, and the company's plans were presented to the media by our company's director, Bogdan Kronovšek.

What are the features and advantages of the new heat pump VERSI?

The new heat pump VERSI is compact, extremely efficient, and 40 times quieter than European requirements for such devices. Its main advantage lies in its flexibility of use and installation, as it can be installed inside or outside a building.

The future of production in all segments is undoubtedly oriented towards sustainability. Does the new heat pump adhere to sustainable principles?

The VERSI heat pump is made from easily recyclable materials. We use a refrigerant with a 67% lower global warming potential than other refrigerants used in heat pumps.

How was the design process of the VERSI heat pump?

With the introduction of the highly successful heating and cooling solution of the Adapt heat pump, there was an increasing demand for a similar solution. However, the demand was for a solution with smaller dimensions, lower power, and more flexible use or installation. These were the main motives in the development of the VERSI heat pump, which represents new trends in the field of heat pumps.

What does the innovative heat pump mean for the company and business in Slovenian and foreign markets?

For KRONOTERM and our partners, VERSI means conquering new areas and market niches where heat pumps have not been present before or suitable implementations were lacking. The areas of use and power covered by VERSI represent the largest part in Europe, with millions of buildings and apartments requiring the renovation of heating systems and the installation of heat pumps.


Did you have a specific market in mind during the development?

We developed the solution primarily for the Dutch market, where they decided to stop using natural gas for heating two years ago. In Austria and Switzerland, for example, there are strict noise requirements, making our devices very suitable for use.

Development-wise, the heat pump is a fully Slovenian product, but how about production?

All our heat pumps are manufactured here, in Braslovče. We have Slovenian suppliers for all metal and plastic parts, electronics, and cable sets, some of them producing exclusively for KRONOTERM. Certain components, such as compressors, fans, and heat exchangers, are sourced from foreign suppliers because there are only a few manufacturers worldwide. In terms of the number of suppliers, the majority are from Slovenia, partly because we are local patriots, but also due to the speed of delivery, which is a crucial factor in development due to constant changes.

Are you also facing challenges with a shortage of technical personnel, and how do you attract them to your team?

Currently, we don’t have a shortage of technical personnel. If a company is employee-friendly, successful, and expanding, then we believe there shouldn’t be issues with recruitment. We also offer personnel scholarships for future employees, which undoubtedly contributes to sufficient interest in our company. We place a significant emphasis on employee training, as this is crucial for successful company growth.


Where do you see Kronoterm in five or ten years?

We aim to become a leading European manufacturer and developer of heat pumps. Our goals have always been the production of quality products for efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling, which are reliable, user-friendly, easy to install, and made from environmentally friendly materials. As a leading Slovenian manufacturer, we want to strengthen and upgrade our role in the heat pump segment in the Slovenian market in the future. Additionally, we want to reinforce our position in foreign markets and expand into other interesting markets. Satisfied users, a clean environment, and a pleasant atmosphere in the KRONOTERM team count the most in everything we do.

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