Did you know that, in addition to heating spaces and warming domestic water, a heat pump can also provide pleasant cooling for your home?

Summers are becoming increasingly hot, and the summer temperatures are breaking records year after year. Not only in cities and by the sea but also in higher-altitude areas. Homes are becoming larger and more open, and modern architecture, with plenty of glass surfaces on buildings, poses a challenge in terms of shading and cooling. In office buildings, heat and warm air can negatively impact the productivity of employees. The need for cooling buildings has become more crucial than ever.


Typically, houses are cooled by air conditioners, which somehow distort or alter the architecture and style of the space and the building. No one wants to have a lot of disturbing, albeit functional, devices in their apartment or on their house that catch the eye. The placement of an air conditioner is often challenging because its correct position is crucial. It cannot be installed just anywhere in the room. In comparison to air conditioners and other conventional cooling methods, heat pumps ensure even and efficient cooling throughout the day. They provide a constant temperature and uniform coolness in all areas of the home without major interventions in the building’s architecture. While air conditioners do allow for faster cooling, they are less suitable for the health of people, especially those more sensitive to cold. The cold airflow from an air conditioner also increases the likelihood of muscle and joint pain.



KRONOTERM heat pumps feature a developed, perfect system for heating buildings in the winter and cooling them in the summer. They provide cooling actively or passively. Active cooling is facilitated by reversible heat pumps, where the pump’s compressor operates during cooling. Passive cooling is employed in ground/water and water/water heat pumps, where only primary pumps work during cooling. The transfer of coolness to spaces can be achieved through dynamic cooling (radiators) or quiet cooling (underfloor or wall cooling).

The most efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling systems are reversible air/water heat pumps. In winter, they enable economical heating of spaces and domestic hot water, while in summer, they provide space cooling and domestic hot water heating. Our devices’ special designs allow the utilization of waste cooling heat to heat domestic hot water or a pool during the cooling mode (special commercial solutions for larger buildings). KRONOTERM air/water heat pumps are equipped with the standard capability for both heating and cooling spaces. Consistent development, testing, the use of the best materials, etc., ensure that our pumps have been among the best in Europe for many years.


By choosing good and quality heating, you can cool your home without purchasing a separate cooling device and incurring additional costs. With our heat pump, you solve the issues of heating, domestic hot water heating, and cooling. Three birds with one stone!


A comfortable living temperature is around 22 °C. Without a cooling system, this temperature significantly rises in the summer, sometimes exceeding 30 °C. This often happens during vacations when you are away, and the spaces remain closed and unventilated for several days or weeks. Our heat pumps also address this issue.


Our CLOUD.KRONOTERM application allows you to set and monitor the operation of the heat pump anytime, anywhere. With your mobile device, you can adjust your home’s cooling even while on vacation. This way, your home will be pleasantly cooled and comfortable upon your return. The application is available to all users of mobile devices on Google Play and the App Store.


If you want safe, economical, carefree, and environmentally friendly heating, need additional information, or would like personal advice, feel free to contact us!

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