Nothing is more frustrating and unpleasant than standing in the shower or soaking in the tub all soapy, only to run out of hot water! For a large family in Carinthia, this used to be a significant issue. However, since they installed the KRONOTERM ECO sanitary heat pump, a cold shower is now just a nostalgic memory.

The answer to the initial question is enthusiastically revealed by the family from small village in Slovenia to anyone troubled by this question. The family, consisting of 7 members, is indeed a substantial consumer of hot sanitary water corresponding to the number of its members. They annually consume approximately 104,400 liters of water, which amounts to around 280 liters per day. It’s not surprising that they often ran out of hot water.

Before deciding to install a sanitary heat pump in their residential house in northern Slovenia, they used a regular electric boiler to heat sanitary water. The electricity costs were high, and they spent around 1000 EUR annually just for heating sanitary water. This was an additional reason for the family to replace the inefficient boiler with a more modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly hot water heating system. They chose the ECO sanitary heat pump with a 300-liter tank.


Peace of mind with a sufficient amount of hot sanitary water is crucial for the entire family. Mr. Kovač revealed that they are very satisfied with our heat pump. Electricity consumption costs have decreased by approximately 4 times, now totaling around 270 EUR per year. This means a 75% savings!


Additional cost optimization is enabled by managing the heat pump through the Optitronic control. Within the control, operating modes such as Eco, Normal, or Comfort can be selected, and different operating schedules can be set based on the needs for hot sanitary water.


Now, they never run out of hot water anymore. All family members can enjoy their daily bathroom routines without fear of showering with cold water, heating water on the stove, or waiting a long time for the sanitary water to heat up again.



The ECO sanitary heat pump from the S2 line is one of the most popular models among KRONOTERM’s sanitary heat pumps. It is highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly! Suitable for the most demanding users, it has a high coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.0, TÜV certification, and easy operation with an LCD screen.


The ECO sanitary heat pump is available in two versions or tank volume options. There is a 200-liter version for smaller users and a 270-liter version for larger consumers. The device has the option of mounting an additional heat source on the boiler heat exchanger (solar collectors or fossil fuel boiler) and the option of spatial placement of air intake and exhaust or water intake air with the flexible KRONO-FLEX air channel technology.


For safety and protection against legionella bacteria, an automatic anti-legionella program is included, and an optional WEB module for remote control through the CLOUD.KRONOTERM application is available. The device has the option to adjust the fan speed and operates excellently even at slightly lower temperatures, at -7°C air inlet.


If you also want to replace an inefficient and outdated heating system, or if you just need information, you can contact us HERE.

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