Cold office, outdated heating system, sedentary position of employees causing cold hands and feet – sound familiar? Heating issues are common in business spaces in cities. Not only do owners face high costs, but some spaces simply never warm up enough.
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Columns of cars wind their way from all the entry points into the city center. Fog, cold, and the scraping of car windshields. Cold hands and a kind of typical Monday non-mood. And not a single available parking space. And then, when you finally step into the office, it’s icy cold on top of it all! Sound familiar?

Heating issues are common in business premises in urban areas. Not only do owners face high costs, but some spaces simply never get warm enough. Employees, especially those sitting at computers, constantly complain about cold hands and feet.

The challenge of upgrading heating systems in cities is significant, as these are mostly old buildings under monument protection, with thicker walls and high ceilings. There are also many spaces that are completely separate from, for example, residential areas on higher floors when it comes to heating.


European cities are fortunately committed to replacing existing heating systems with more efficient and environmentally friendly ones. For example, the city of Vienna aims to upgrade old heating systems by 2040. This means replacing heating systems in as many as 1500 buildings annually.

New heating technologies are developing extremely rapidly compared to traditional heating methods (wood, gas, heating oil), and they are more user-friendly and, above all, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. However, not every heating system is suitable for every building, despite the abundance of providers and various information about suitable choices, operation, and use on the market. Implementation is not the only problem facing apartment owners in cities. High costs are also an extremely unpleasant matter when it comes to heating urban apartments. Especially due to the mentioned thicker walls and high ceilings, the consumption of energy sources is much higher than in typical modern buildings. Owners of smaller spaces thus bear high costs, which can be drastically reduced by replacing the heating system.

A heat pump is the most cost-effective heating solution in the long run. In 15 years, compared to other heating systems, you can save an amount equivalent to the value of a new average family car. Fortunately, at KRONOTERM, we have considered business premises, where there are usually no large boiler rooms or space outside the buildings. Monument protection often does not allow interventions on the building or in the surroundings, which poses an additional challenge.


We have developed a solution for all the problems and challenges that owners of business premises in city centers face every day. You can choose between two versions of the heat pump: VERSI-I and VERSI-X.

The VERSI-I heat pump is designed for indoor use and can be placed anywhere in the space – in a corner, niche, attic, under the stairs, or even in the office. Its design allows it to fit alongside cabinets seamlessly. Additionally, the VERSI-I heat pump is exceptionally quiet, ensuring it won’t disturb your meetings or creative thinking processes. It also demonstrates the eco-friendly and sustainable orientation of your business to your business partners.

If you want to break away from remote heating, take care of heating independently, and have a balcony or terrace, we have developed the VERSI-X heat pump. Due to its flexible installation, it is considered our most versatile device. It allows both indoor and outdoor placement (hallway, office, archive, balcony), providing independence in heating and, consequently, lower costs. The noise level of both pumps is negligible, being 40 times quieter than European requirements for such devices. In your office, you’ll only hear your productive thoughts.

Even if your offices need renovation or are under monument protection, the adaptation is fast and easy. Both pumps are compact, and you can choose from various possible air intake and exhaust options. We are confident that you will find the most suitable solution for you.


Absolutely! In addition to its almost silent operation, its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and remote management contribute to the comfort of your living space. With our CLOUD.KRONOTERM application, you can set the desired operating mode of the pump at desired times, further enhancing your savings. Moreover, on a foggy Monday morning, entering a warm office will be easier, making the start of an efficient workweek much more pleasant.

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