For the second consecutive year, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has listed us among the leading companies in transitioning to renewable heating sources in Europe. We were included in the list of companies striving for a greener future for our planet last year as well.

Our company is a leader in the industry, and together with the largest European network of environmental non-governmental organizations, we urge legislators to support the green transformation of heating. This goal is endorsed by all 19 European companies listed by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) this year as leaders.

As part of the Coolproducts campaign, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has released a review of European brands of household heating appliances, evaluating companies based on the climate-friendliness of their products. The study revealed that 19 out of 49 companies included in the research are classified as leaders in addressing climate change this year, indicating a willingness in the European heating sector to move away from fossil fuels. Last year, only 5 other European companies were classified as leaders in this field. The progress is evident, offering excellent prospects for the future and the realization of our common goal.

At the same time, we are proud that our efforts for a cleaner environment are recognized not only by European institutions but also by our users. We are honored that, together with the use of our environmentally friendly heat pumps, they are reducing their carbon footprint and making a significant contribution to environmental preservation and, above all, cleaner air. We are pleased that our efforts and products align with both European and international climate goals.

You can find all the details about our inclusion in the EEB report here.

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