It is not always easy to find the right solutions, and sometimes it takes enough time and research. The owner from Dolenjske Toplice has dedicated quite some time to studying heat pumps and has chosen the best one. Our ADAPT heat pump has been heating his house with a carpentry workshop for the last two years.


Building Size: 228 m2

Building Type: Residential unit with workshop

Heating Method: Radiators

Heat Pump Type: ADAPT 0416-K3 HT/HK 3F

Heat Source: Air/water

Operating Scheme: 2 heating circuits

Controller: Room controllers KT-1 and KT-2A, CLOUD.KRONOTERM

One heating device instead of two


Mr. Župančič needed a new heating system for his property, which has seen quite a few springs. The building, combining living and workshop spaces, was in need of an energy renovation. The house measures 100 m2, while the annex houses a carpentry workshop of 128 m2.


Heating costs were a significant burden for the family, especially since the house had poor insulation (only 3 cm) and the windows and doors had not been replaced. Another issue was that the owner previously had two heating devices, one for the residential part and another for the workshop.


The family from Dolenjske Toplice chose our ADAPT heat pump to heat their spaces and provide hot water. The savings compared to wood heating are significant, halving the previous heating costs. “I halved the costs, and there’s no work yet,” says the owner. “If we also install new windows and a new facade with an additional 8 cm, we could achieve an additional 30% savings,” he adds.


In the future, they plan to implement these two energy renovations, further increasing heating cost savings. The heat pump replaces two previous heating systems. Two separate heating circuits are set up for separate spaces, allowing for different temperature settings.


“The device convinced me based on professional reviews about KRONOTERM heat pumps,” explains the owner about choosing our device. He was particularly interested in our ADAPT heat pump, which fascinated him. “I inquired in professional circles and literature and decided to implement it two years ago.” He is satisfied with the device’s operation, quietness, appearance, and, most importantly, the lower costs. “We halved the costs. Despite the building having older construction with conventional radiators, I am still very satisfied with the result and the system. I have no fear of being in the cold.”

Slovenian knowledge and development are often among our advantages over the competition in decisions about our heat pumps. The owner from Dolenjske Toplice also believes in supporting Slovenian knowledge: “I’m a local patriot. If I assess and realize that something is of high quality, technologically advanced, I have no reservations about having a domestic brand.” One reason for choosing our device is also the accessible service. Numerous positive experiences from previous users of our devices also convinced him. The initial contact with the company plays a crucial role, and Mr. Župančič has been satisfied with the professional response from the first day. “I have been following KRONOTERM for a long time, including its development, and I had a good feeling,” he adds.



The ADAPT heat pump does not require many installation interventions. The installation was quick and easy for Mr. Župančič. “Old heating devices were dismantled, and the guys professionally assembled the device, which stands next to the house. It is installed as it should be and is not disturbing.”


The design is also non-intrusive, created to blend with the surroundings. The owner chose the ADAPT heat pump in the NERO shade and says he likes the design. He also highlights the quietness of the device. “The advantage is that they are very quiet. I can’t hear it inside the building, and even the neighbor hasn’t complained yet,” the owner humorously explains.


Quality, reliability, and peace of mind are also confirmed by the CLOUD.KRONOTERM application, allowing owners of our devices to manage them remotely anytime, anywhere. Our interlocutor is enthusiastic about the application: “It’s nice that the operation can be monitored through the application, via phone. This is useful in case of malfunctions, changes, or adjustments.” Besides the mentioned features, the application also enables remote servicing.


He concludes with a positive recommendation: “I recommend the KRONOTERM heat pump to everyone who is still deciding on a heat pump because it’s well-designed, a quiet pump, and it works.” In jest, he adds that even his wife, who is more sensitive to temperatures, has no complaints.



Do you also want high savings, a consistently pleasant temperature in your home, and a flawless heating system operation? Contact us.

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